Custom Lipstick Boxes

Lipstick cases that are both attractive and functional are guaranteed to sell out quickly. To make your lipsticks stand out, though, pick up some attractive custom printed packaging boxes. We have many options for lipstick cases. Custom Lipstick Boxes options for your lipsticks include kraft and cardstock paper. Both of these options are economical and functional for short distance travel. But these fabric containers are also perfect for safely storing your lipstick collection. Custom lipstick boxes made from kraft paper and cardboard are less heavy than those made from other materials and are better for the environment. With these custom printed cosmetic boxes, your lipsticks will stand out. Additionally, we provide rigid and corrugated materials. But these two things can be shipped internationally without worry. Both materials have a solid feel, making them suitable for usage as gift and high-end packaging.


Once you’ve settled on an eco-friendly material for your lipstick, the next step is to design a fantastic opening for the packaging. We provide a wide variety of stunning designs for your lipsticks:

Lipstick Wallets with Sleeves

Custom lipstick boxes with sleeves look stunning. But they do enhance the beauty and grace of lipstick. Additionally, you can have a window cut out of the box for a sneak peek at the lipstick by selecting the appropriate option during the engraving process. These days, sleeve boxes are all the rage. Nonetheless, the boxes can be made to look amazing with the application of perforation methods. Boxes with sleeves are quite sturdy. Depending on your preference, you can change the primary colour of the sleeve boxes. In addition, these boxes are convenient due to their lightweight and simple construction.

Display Case for Lipstick and Books

The lipstick container in the shape of a bookend is very pretty. This box can also be used for high-end packaging purposes. This packaging is perfect for lip gloss presents, and we offer it. The cover to this box is really sturdy. As a result, you can make use of the available box real estate to print any lipstick details you see fit, be they a tagline, logo, list of ingredients, instructions for use, etc.

Lipstick Container with a Tuck Top

Lipstick cases with tuck-ends are the most basic. Lipsticks are secure in this box. As a result, the tuck-end box can be made into whatever shape you like. This sort of box is advantageous to utilise since its positioning methods make it more useful than competing box designs.

The lipstick cases can be ordered with a window.

The lipstick case with the window is a lovely touch. With this window available, you can flaunt your lipstick in public without drawing attention to yourself. As a result, the delicate lipstick won’t get damaged, and clients may admire the various personalised lipstick tubes displayed behind the glass. Furthermore, you have the option of making the window larger or smaller as you see fit. A glued version for the box’s face or lid is another option.

The lipstick containers can be personalised in a number of ways.

Lipstick cases manufactured to order are a fun and useful addition to any event or gift giving occasion. But the lipstick is stunning for any event, from a party to a wedding to a formal dinner. Additionally, the custom lipstick boxes can be personalised by attaching a colourful rope, ribbon, or printed stickers. To get the most alluring effect, we provide these ornaments in a range of colours. Custom lipstick containers can be designed with a see-through window or perforations. In addition, you can customise the printing with the company’s logo and other details like a tagline, a kind message, etc., as needed. Lipstick cases made of kraft paper are what we recommend most. It’s the best option because it’s inexpensive, recyclable, and durable enough to protect even the most delicate lipsticks from accidental breakage. In addition, we sell custom lipstick boxes at low, low prices.

Custom lipstick boxes is an area in which we specialise, and we provide a number of different coating options.

Coatings are essential to preserving the boxes’ original colour. Here at SirePrinting, we provide the following alternatives for the final touches on your custom lipstick boxes:

Lamination Options

Gloss and Matte

Explained in a Nutshell

UV Spot Embossing UV Gloss UV Matte UV

You should put hole punches in your lip gloss containers.

Lipstick cases also receive attractive inserts from us. It will also aid in preserving the lipsticks’ integrity. But if you’d like, we have a team of experts who can lipstick packaging boxes by inserting other designs. To make your lipsticks seem nice, just add inserts to keep their round form. As an extra touch, we can install beautiful sliders that cover the box with a simple pull. And for the base, you can choose the same colour or any other colour that will help strike a balance. Lipstick packaging is a perfect place for advertising, and you may put your logo or slogan there.


Making a name for yourself and seeing a rise in revenue is the top priority for any business. Therefore, our presence here serves to further this goal. Our high-quality, tailor-made boxes will help your clients remember you among the sea of competitors. So, we make sure you have the proper hues and materials to draw in customers. In the long run, this will increase your market share. If you want to protect your lipsticks, choose one of our specialised boxes. But our liquid matte Lipstick Packaging Boxes are a fantastic promotional item that serves the dual purpose of safety and education. The standard cosmetics container appears inadequate for protecting lipsticks. We can make any changes to your lipstick case that you desire.

Try one of our portable lipstick cases.

Our lipstick options are both practical and convenient. All of your lipsticks will remain intact in our secure packing. We have convenient boxes available. We offer a variety of packaging options for plastic and lipstick, including front tuck-in and reverse tuck-in cases. The lipstick box’s tuck-in design makes it convenient to use. This means you can skip buying additional box adhesives. Thus, all that has to be done to get the lipstick packaging boxes ready for shipping is to tuck in the ends. Bulk orders of our mirrored lipstick cases are also available. The contents of our bespoke boxes, however, will remain secure. Pick the box type that best serves your needs.


Your lipstick packaging boxes will look great thanks to paper box printing company expert printing services. Lipsticks and lip glosses, including matte lip glosses, will look great in our attractive packaging. Benefit from our unique and appealing lipstick labelling. We are a wholesale supplier of cosmetic boxes. Just use our beautiful lipstick packaging to make a great impression on your clients. Please contact our business by telephone or electronic mail if you would like further details regarding our packing. So, if you want great lipstick containers, order now.


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