When people organize their computer system, they tend to need to remember the importance of CPU thermal paste. But you must consider the thermal paste as one of the major components of your PC to keep your processor cool down. 

Without the thermal paste, the heatsink and the processor won’t work properly, eventually leading to overheating. Here, we will let you know why you should pay attention to the importance of thermal grease. 

thermal paste

A Brief Introduction to the Thermal Paste

The thermal grease, or the thermal paste, is mainly a heat management design that bridges the gap between the CPU and the heatsink. The thermal compound contains heat-conductive metals, which is beneficial when it comes to keeping the produced heat away from the CPU into the heatsink.

When you purchase the thermal grease to cool down your PC, invest in the thermal compound that offers good thermal conductivity so that it can tolerate the higher temperature effortlessly. Thermal paste is much needed if you wish to buy CPU water cooler for your system to ensure the great performance of your PC.

Primary Role of the Thermal Compound

When the CPU of your system gets easily heated up, you must take that seriously and use the thermal paste as soon as possible. The air is considered to be a dangerous conductor of heat. You must ensure there is as little gap as possible, so the heat transfer between the heatsink and processor will be optimal. 

Here, the role of a thermal compound comes into the picture. Thermal paste fills the gaps between the heatsink and processor so that no air bubbles flow between those gaps. It mainly helps in reducing the heat transfer rate more effectively and efficiently. It will prevent your PC from sudden shutdowns and throttling.

The Applying Process of the Thermal Paste

There is an ongoing debate there when it comes to determining the right way to apply the CPU thermal paste. So, if you search on the internet, you will get multiple results on how to apply the thermal compound to protect your PC from excess heating. However, thermal paste is mainly poured into a syringe or a jar. 

So, an easy method of applying the thermal paste is a pea-sized drop on the top center of your processor. Then, you need to attach the heatsink correctly to the CPU by putting the same pressure on every four corners. To ensure that the thermal paste is evenly distributed on your processor’s surface, you should pay attention to this step. However, you can use an applicator as well if you want to.


Thermal compound is an essential component to help your PC combat overheating. It mainly acts as an extra protective layer on your processor to make your system run more smoothly than before. So, investing in the thermal compound is much needed to keep the temperature of your processor down.

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By Russell Crowe

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