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ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) applications are the cornerstone of large companies. They consolidate all business activities – from payroll to purchases and sales – in a central digital platform that allows everyone in the ERP testing company to work together intelligently and cohesively.

MS Dynamics 365 is a one-stop solution for business units to run large enterprises, choose components from multiple options such as Customer Insights, Customer Service, Finance, Operations, Marketing, Retail, Sales, and a complete application that can create suites according to business needs.

All of these components integrate seamlessly with each other and with other productivity applications/tools, ultimately helping your organization make better, faster, and smarter decisions.

Dynamics 365 automated testing in Finance and Operations is divided into three parts:

SysTest framework: It is a unit test framework in Dynamics 365 testing and it provides developers with the ability to write unit test code for the business logic.

ATL framework: Microsoft has the ATL framework, an abstraction of the SysTest framework that makes writing functional tests much easier and more reliable. This framework should be used to write unit tests or simple integration tests. The test is repeatable, debuggable, and prevents regressions, as compared to dynamics 365 manual testing of the UI which is a waste of time.

RSAT: Regression Suite (RSAT) automation tools significantly reduce the time and cost of user acceptance testing (UAT) for financial and operational applications. UAT is typically required before performing Microsoft application updates or before applying custom code and configuration to a production environment.

RSAT enables functional power users to record business tasks using Task Recorder and convert the recordings into a series of automated tests. No need to write source code.

Various automation can be done in dynamics 365 tests:

Login testing: Dynamics apps often rely on automatic sign-in, where user credentials are passed from a Microsoft 365 sign-in to the Dynamics app. Testing the login process allows validating features and updates as different users and roles.

Reading data: MS dynamics testing is typically integrated into multiple products and applications. This means that maintaining data integrity can be a challenge, especially when data is coming in from multiple channels. For this reason, we recommend writing tests that automatically read and validate data from Dynamics.

Forms filling: Dynamics is about good data generation. A text creates new data like contacts in a business application. Consider the different forms and fill types like drop-down lists, search fields, two radio buttons, dates, and simple tests for tests.

Items findings: Tests automatically locate items and data entries in Dynamics lists and views. An automation tool often lets you dynamically populate values ​​from web services, spreadsheets, databases, and other domains.

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Need for ERP Automation Testing:

Saves a lot of time: A typical ERP environment consists of many automated business processes that reduce time during testing through Microsoft dynamics 365 performance testing, and capture through a test tool.

Prevent losses: Using dynamics 365 test automation for finance and operation, continuous monitoring of ERP systems with regularly and repeatedly executed test scripts helps identify and fix bugs, mitigate vulnerabilities and prevent phenomenal losses for organizations.

Error-free results: Organizations like finance and operation that implement tested ERP applications provide timely, error-free, and quality responses to employees, clients, and customers.

Dynamics 365 test automation in ERP helps address major business challenges of slow routine processes due to delays caused by manual testing and ensuring accuracy.

Speeding up routine processes cuts time and costs, improving sales and creating a better ROI.

Reporting and Planning improvement: Implementing an ERP suite across departments means your organization has a single, integrated reporting system for all processes.

With a single source of truth, ERP performance testing can produce meaningful reports and analyses at any time. The software allows for analysis and comparison functions across departments without dealing with multiple spreadsheets or emails.

Standard financial reports such as income and cash flow statements generally are built-in and generate custom reports without IT intervention, which is the great advantage of ERP testing.

Efficiency improvement: There are numerous ERP pros and cons on the market. Propitiously, saving time and effort in day-to-day activities is one of the benefits of ERP. A well-implemented ERP solution can significantly reduce or eliminate repetitive manual processes, freeing team members to focus on revenue-related tasks.

Likewise, the system can assist in the adoption and enforcement of industry best practice processes and coordinate all measures across the company.

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Performance testing in dynamics 365

Multiple users logging in at the same time can cause errors, resulting in lower resource usage. Ultimately, there may be a complete server overload. Performance tests should be performed to simulate stress, which can test the resilience of the system.

They are intended to alert companies to the possibilities and criteria for operating the software under conditions of very heavy use by a group of users, as well as to prevent unforeseen and unauthorized activities.

Performance testing dynamics 365 improves site reliability, especially in finance and operation where a large number of users work simultaneously.


ERP implementation can increase chances of success and helps to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes.

ERP testing services providers manage the purchase, deployment, and initial configuration of ERP solutions, and many of them specialize in specific products.
If there is room in the budget, a faster, easier deployment is often worth the additional expense of hiring an ERP automation testing expert to guide the process.

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