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In cloud hosting a network of virtual servers is used to host websites through the process of virtualization. In traditional hosting physical servers are used to host the websites, most of the time these servers are stored in house. In case you have any doubts related to cloud hosting then we would recommend that you go through this article to learn more about Cloud Hosting India.

How Does Cloud Hosting Work?

Cloud hosting basically splits a physical server into multiple virtual servers this process is known as virtualization. These virtual servers together create one single network. Such interconnected servers are also referred to as clusters.

The main benefits of using cloud hosting solutions include:

Maximum Uptime

In case of a server failure the rest of the servers will take its place. Thus making cloud hosting far more reliable than traditional hosting solutions.

Handling Traffic

In case of a sudden rise in traffic the servers will distribute it across the network of servers. This allows your website to perform well even when receiving huge amounts of traffic.


In a cloud environment users can also enjoy unlimited bandwidth from different servers. In traditional hosting you can only utilize the bandwidth of a single server.

Greater Security

Cloud hosting also remains unaffected by any natural disasters, since all the servers exist in a virtual environment. Cloud Security Services also includes features such as private cloud. It offers a more safe and secure environment for your crucial company data. It also protects your website from unauthorised access from any third party.

What Types of Websites Use Cloud Hosting?

Most e-commerce websites prefer using cloud hosting. If your website needs more bandwidth, RAM and space then cloud hosting is suitable for your website. In a cloud environment you can easily maneuver the rise in traffic. If you wish to make sure that your information is secure then you should opt for a private cloud instead of a public cloud. Review the site FAQ Click wynn slots online las vegas casino games on the Deposit button on the casino lobby page 1.

Differences Between Cloud Hosting and Traditional Hosting Solutions

It is important to evaluate your requirements and then choose the most suitable web hosting for your website. Ideally you should look for a web host that provides better performance and resources at a reasonable price.

Cloud Hosting vs Shared Hosting

Traditional shared hosting is suitable for a website that experiences less traffic. In shared hosting a single server hosts multiple websites. The websites will have to share the available resources which will eventually affect their performance as well. Users don’t have to be experts to use shared hosting. It is easy to set up and all it takes is just some easy clicks. You don’t even have to worry about the maintenance part as the host will handle all the maintenance related issues on their own.

If your website is experiencing huge traffic then there is a possibility that the performance of your website will get compromised. In shared hosting users can only use a limited amount of bandwidth, RAM and space allotted to them by the hosting service provider. In case they want more resources for their website they will have to upgrade their resources.

Cloud Hosting vs VPS Hosting

Virtual private server VPS is a virtual server similar to cloud hosting. It also uses the process of virtualization to create multiple servers. Each website gets dedicated resources and they don’t have to share the resources from a single server.  Users can also configure their server as per their requirement.

Having a dedicated server space ensures that the issues of one website won’t affect the other sites. The fact that you have a dedicated server means that your website performance will remain unaffected by other websites. Users also have full root access which means you can configure the server to suit your requirements.

Most of the hosts offer their clients a dedicated IP address which provides additional security for your website. If you are planning to use VPS hosting then you would require a certain level of technical expertise as most of the hosts do not offer managed hosting.


Companies are always looking for ways to save some money and improve user experience. Cloud hosting can help you to achieve this goal with features like scalability, high traffic and uptime. Recently we have witnessed a huge shift towards cloud computing and it seems that the numbers will only increase. Cloud hosting uses a network of servers to host a website.

Traditional hosting on the other hand uses a single server to host multiple websites. Cloud security services are far much more reliable in comparison to traditional hosting. In case there is a server failure other servers can take its place. Cloud hosting also eliminates the possibility of hardware failure and the users can scale up their resources as per their requirement.

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