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Goa is a beautiful destination for travelling and enjoying holidays. This place witnesses many visitors from different parts throughout the year. Now, Goa has become one of the most preferred cities for investment. Being a tourist destination, holiday homes and short-term stays are very popular. It gives reason for the increasing demand for real estate property in Goa. Flat for sale in Goa is seen on many real estate properties dealing platforms. With the growing demand for luxurious homes and flats in Goa, many real estate developers are looking to construct and develop apartments for residents and nonresident people. Provident is one of those leading property developers who have facilitated many people to get their dream homes or flats at their favourite destination. Goa is the next place where Provident has launched its residential projects.

Features of Provident’s Goa projects

The Provident brand is one of the top brand names in the real estate development sector. The ongoing project is in Goa. So, for those who dream of buying their second home in a beautiful place,” Goa,” Provident Housing is an excellent opportunity. Some of the features of the project are:

  • Two projects are in their construction phase. The first one is around the Blu @ Adora de Goa, and the second one is at East Pointe @ Adora De Goa.
  • Designed and developed at the most premium location in Goa.
  • Apartments are designed to provide luxurious living in a compact format. The homes have a beautiful, Goan outside and modern architecture from the inside.
  • Flats are developed in ways suitable for various occupancies like 1 KHK, 2BHK, and 3BHK.
  • Bestowed with top-class amenities and luxurious services.
  • Available at pocket-friendly prices for both second home and investment purposes.
  • Use of International products and materials in the development of flats. The facility of subscription-based hospitality services inside the apartment. sumadharu folium  

Amenities – world class feeling

The homes at the two projects are enriched with some the world class amenities, especially in the water zone, such as:

  • Multiple pools
  • Sunken Bar
  • Jacuzzi
  • Aqua Gym
  • Poolside Restaurant
  • Clubhouse
  • Snorkeling zone 

Why invest in real estate property in Goa

People are now much more aware of investing in real estate properties. They are investing smartly in properties situated at the most premium locations. There are many reasons one should consider investing in real estate properties in Goa. A few of them are:

The first one is its serene location. Goa is surrounded by nature and has beautiful places. People love to spend their time away from their busy city life. Peaceful life and a sturdy economic environment are the reasons why it attracts maximum investment avenues.

Real estate appreciation in Goa is increasing. It is reported that the appreciation in the Goa real estate market is about thirty to fifty percent. This is the driving factor in investing in Goa real estate property. 

Due to a tourist destination, rental homes are always in demand. One has the option to turn their property into homestay or holiday homes. It will give a regular income in the form of rental income. However, one can sell it with a handsome resale value.

Apartment for sale in Goa can be explored at the prime destination. Property developers like Provident have brought a variety of flats per investors’ changing choices. Those who love to be in the lap of nature should think of investing in Provident’s apartments in Goa. Renting, converting holiday homes, and reselling are many other options that have beneficial deals. So, investing in Goa real estate property is a win-win situation.

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