Bloggers write for blogs in the same industry to draw traffic to their site. Bloggers try to increase their domain authority by linking to domains with high-authority. Submitting articles to guest blogging blogs can increase brand awareness and credibility.

Does guest posting actually work?

Guest blogging will allow you to reach new bloggers who may not know you or care about you and give you their honest opinion. This will help you improve your work, and make it easier for others to follow your blog or brand.

What are the main advantages of guest blogging?

1) Increase brand awareness

All advertising campaigns should be guided by the principle of brand mindfulness. If you think of a champagne, a chocolate bar or a coach, chances are that certain brands will pop into your mind.

Building brand awareness is crucial. No matter how unlikely it is that you will assume control of the world, clients and potential customers are important to you when you discuss items or administrations related to your specialty.

People will gravitate to you when they need the product or service you offer.

2) Create links to your website

Third party referencing allows you to restore hyperlinks from other sites to your site. There are two main ways the web crawler uses joins:

  • To search for new websites pages
  • This will help you decide how a page should be ranked in the outcomes

This is a long-term goal. It won’t happen without planning. I can’t say it will, but it should be.

You can gradually become an industry expert by writing and visiting blogs about important industry news. Your audience will eventually start to look up to you for guidance.

3) Unique Visitor and Search Engine Optimization

Google’s guidelines make guest blogging and SEO work well together. By guest blogging, you can increase your website’s unique visitor and improve your website SEO by building the links and using the Google search algorithm to rank in the top results.

You will see a rise in traffic to your website if you distribute valuable content on relevant sites of high quality. This will result in more clients and deals for your company.

To help you start guest blogging, we have gathered 70+ free platforms. Based on traffic data gathered from millions upon millions of Internet users, I’ve compiled a list of the best free blogging websites.

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Blog Search is your source for blogs. You can search for blogs, add your blog to the site, or subscribe to an RSS feed about the topic you choose. A directory of more than 14,000 blogs. Also, a newsletter is available with tips and tricks for webmasters. Jayde Online is the creator of, a free blogging platform.

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Blogarama, the oldest Blog Directory in the world, allows anyone to submit a blog or browse our 1,474,434 active and moderated blog listings. This shows how often people have visited your site and allows visitors to leave reviews. is the top-ranked site for Computers Electronics and Technology.

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BlogCatalog, an online collaboration site for blogging, features advice, humor, and insight on topics that cover every age, interest and expertise. It’s clear that Blog Catalog directory lists many blogs. The Blog Catalog website encourages interaction between bloggers and readers.

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Blog flux is the best free blogging platform. Blogger has published over 157,056 blog posts. BlogFlux provides many free tools for blog owners and webmasters. Blogflux was created to provide a central location for all the tools you need to start a blog. provides everything you need to start a blog. From themes and stat tracking to advanced services such as our poll and quiz makers.

Where to buy backlinks, a blog directory that includes over 46,000 sites, is simple to use. is a popular blogger directory and hangout. Our directory contains the latest news, entertainment, and political issues. Each day, we receive many new blogs to our directory. You should visit their blog.

Where to buy backlinks is a blog directory that hosts over 35,000 blogs. It also offers a forum for discussing all things blogging. is an international community and online directory that allows members to exchange ideas and information.
You can add your blog site to our directory. Search our blogger directory to find blog templates and skins. Create a blog. Join us in our online forum for fun.

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LSBlogs is a Blog Search Engine and Blog Directory. LSBlogs is a directory that lists more blogs than just blogs. It also accepts submissions from blog hosts, tools, and other related sites. You can find blogs from all over the globe.
Submissions are free for blog hosts, blogs, tools, and other related sites. To ensure that all submissions are of high quality and suitable for the Blog directory, we check them by hand.

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Myblog2u is an official website. It covers topics related to Digital Marketing. You can submit blog posts for free to over 2000 sites. designed the MyBlog2U blog directory.

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Outbrain is a platform that helps more than 1 billion people find content, products, and services that might be of interest to their interests. Outbrain is an internet advertiser that connects audience and content to help people increase engagement and revenue for their businesses.

Guidelines for Guest Posting in Outbrain

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The Huffington Post is a leading source for entertainment, personal stories and news. It also provides technology, style, fashion, and other information on the most current topics. This is the ideal place to write in multiple areas. HuffPost, an American news website and blog that offers opinion and news from around the world, has both localized visitors and international ones.


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