Since it creates a satisfyingly loud sound that declares the bird’s territory, and also attracts a female. If birds are drumming because of this reason, they will probably stop when breeding begins in the spring (they aren’t known to drum when searching to eat).

The bird is trying to dig the nest or roosting hole

If woodpeckers have created an area for nesting it will be large and round. The nesting holes are typically constructed at the start of the breeding season, between the end of April and May. If you must remove woodpeckers from the area try to do it prior to or following the season of nesting.

Since it feeds on insects that are living within the siding.  Arizona Birds In the event that birds are hunting for insects, The holes are tiny and uneven. You might need to call an exterminator to rid yourself of the insect issue that is causing it. Woodpeckers love their larvae from carpenter bumblebees, leafcutter bees, as well as grass bagworms. .

They are storage for food. If you’re to the West, Acorn Woodpeckers make dozens or hundreds of acorn-sized holes in huge trees or homes and put one fresh acorn inside each.

How To Get Woodpeckers To Leave A House Alone

When you have a better understanding of the reasons woodpeckers have been hammering at your property, you are able to come up with strategies to stop them from doing it. Look over the article Can Woodpecker deterrents protect my House? for ideas about how to handle difficult woodpeckers.

Researchers from Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Cornell Lab of Ornithology has conducted studies on the relationship between nuisance woodpeckers and. The study that was conducted, External characteristics of homes that are prone to damage from woodpeckers discovered that lighter-colored vinyl and aluminum sidings tend to be less likely get damaged by woodpeckers. A different paper, Assessment of Management Strategies to Minimize Woodpecker

damage to homes tested six popular long-term deterrents

to woodpeckers: life-sized plastic owls sporting paper wings reflective streamers that have plastic eyes strung onto fishing line, roost box suet feeders, as well as the sound system that broadcasts distress call from woodpeckers and is followed by the roar of the hawk. Researchers found

that nothing deterred woodpeckers all the time, and only the streamers worked with any consistency. Homeowners have reported some success deterring woodpeckers with windsocks, pinwheels, helium balloons (shiny, bright Mylar balloons are especially effective), strips of aluminum foil, or reflective tape. Do Birds Have Ears  Others keep woodpeckers out by covering the space with burlap or securing bird nets (the kind specifically designed for fruit trees and gardens) that hang over

eaves and onto the siding. If you are using netting ensure it is tight and placed about 3 to 4 inches away from the siding in order to stop birds from pecking it. Make sure you close off any openings in the sides to stop birds from being trapped between the netting as well as the structure.

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