At the initial stage of the businesses, being unaware of the profit and loss, the entrepreneurs are less likely to analyze their annual revenue. Businesses might fail either in the short term or the long term. However, it is very common. In the first year of starting a business, about 20% of them fail. After sailing for consecutive years, 96% of businesses fail over the time period of 10 years and the remaining 4% just survive. 

In the different verticals of the businesses such as retail, manufacturing, automotive, or electricals, the businesses have to enforce customized solutions to heighten up the profits. Dynamic pricing solution is the ideal deal for businesses to retain the customers and their loyalty. 

Reasons for the business failure

1.No marketing strategies

An accurate marketing strategy spans everything from searching for the customers to upselling them on the newly launched products and services. Marketing strategies’ stats tell you the approach of the businesses. Marketing signifies either the business will make or break it. Marketing plans promote business reach among the audience. 

2. Not meeting customers’ expectations

With the emergence of new businesses every day, just setting enticing pricing on the products and services is not enough to make you stand unique. But an accurate price optimization is what makes you stand ahead in the competitive market. Training customers on the best practices are always in the best interest of the customers. Visit Marketnow: Pakistan Online Wholesale MarketPlace Where you find all type of products,

3. No scaling in the business

It is observed that most of the businesses have no scaling plans to grow in the future. No implementation and strategies skip the profits on the table. Sometimes, the market is unpredictable and can get you higher returns on the investment if it meets the market demands and needs of the customers. It might bring an influx of loyal customers. 

4.The unnecessary setting of businesses

If the businesses have no purpose of serving the customers, it might lead them to nowhere. If you have just started a business, due diligence and market research are two essential components. You need to justify the need for your products that will be beneficial for your customers. It helps you in exploring your niche to plan, forecast sales, and advertise your brand. 

5. Low investments 

Establishing a business from scratch is quite expensive. Businesses need to meet capital requirements with average revenue generation. To get through thick and thin, companies need loans, profit, or significant revenue for sailing safely. A robust business plan helps you monitor your revenues and annual expenses.

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6. Poor network of people

Success comes from smart people and being around intelligent minds. There is always a space for improvement if you are in a room full of people smarter than you. For scaling your business, entrepreneurs build it up with a strong team. 

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By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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