Digital Door Locks

Traditional locks can be easily opened with keys, with original as well as duplicates, thus making it an easy endeavor for burglars. With growing threats to personal and property risk people nowadays look for advanced security measures which include CCTV camera surveillance, video calling mechanisms, as well as digital door locks which offer an advanced security quotient.

If you look at the statistical records of break-ins in Australia in the financial year of 2019-20, it was found that approximately 4% of all Australian households accounting for 423,900 properties were either broken into or attempted so. This illustrates the need for advanced and extensive security lock systems. Modern-day smart door locks offer optimum security for smaller homes and offices, but many homes and organizations are gradually starting to choose digital door locks that offer greater safety through fingerprint lock mechanisms, passcode locks, face-scan locks, etc.

What Is a Digital Door Lock?

Digital door locks are electric or battery-operated locks that are set on the doors, and they don’t need any manual influence to open and close. There is no need to use any kay rather they can be connected with your smartphone or has a remote and can be operated by password, face-scan, or biometrics.

Not only for residential use, but these kinds of locks are also getting highly popular in commercial uses as well, like in offices, hotels, gyms, etc.

Digital locks come with a wide variation in use terms of usage and mechanisms of operations. The best part is since these lock systems are operated through passcodes, or biometric access systems, there are lesser chances of trespasses. One of the most common digital locks found in hotels and institutes are key cards, which are also digital locking systems. These cards are integrated with a microchip, which has definite codes encoded to unlock the lock.

However, digital locks can also be used for multiple accesses. More than one user can use the same passcode to access one digital lock. Even in the case of biometric digital locks, many locks are designed for multiple user use, to ease shared or common access to a family for residences or a group of people in commercial spaces.

Advantages of Digital Door Locks:

Some of the immediate advantages of a digital locking system are:

Increased security:

It increases the level of security as they are operated by passwords or biometrics and only an authorized person can operate them. As there is no fear of losing keys, there is no fear of duplicating them for unauthorized entry. Many digital locks also offer auto alerts on your phone every time anyone accesses the lock.


Digital locks enabled with password mechanism, biometric, etc. systems offer you the advantage of keyless accessibility. With keys for traditional locks, the most common problem is forgetting or misplacing keys. When you have common keys shared amongst the family members for a single lock, and even if anyone member misplaces it or loses it, you need to change the entire lock to avoid break-ins in case the keys fall into wrong hands. Even if not the entire lock, you need a locksmith to get a new key. In the case of digital locks, all you need to do is format the lock system with a password or biometric settings and reset it.

Convenient Handling  

When you are accessing your bank account to shops, grocery stores to medical requirements through your smartphone and digital mechanism, a digital door lock allows you to keep in sync with this tech age. Digital locks or keypad deadbolt offer you peace of mind and ease of accessibility because-

  • There is no need of carrying access cards or keys.
  • Simply share the code with family or colleagues to whom you want to give access.

Enhanced Functionality

The market is flooded with a variety of options when it comes to digital locks for doors. It makes sense to pick a type as per the use, like for residential purposes, banks, offices, or laboratories, as per the level or security requirement. While for many purposes digital locks with IC cards, keys, or passwords offer adequate security, for labs, banks locker rooms, etc. Enhanced digital locks with biometric scanning features can be effectively beneficial. Common digital lock systems include:

  • Digital combination lock
  • Wireless locks
  • Biometric locks
  • RFID enabled locks


When you just have to press in a passcode or scan your finger or palm to get access through a made-to-order custom door, you can cut off the fumbling for keys inside a bag, missing keys hassle, etc. It’s fast and effective access with these locks.


As said earlier, the world is now revolving with the force of technologies, which has made its place in every sphere of life. Digital door locks offer a smart and efficient way of accessibility to premises and offer added security and control as well.

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