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The Best Place to Be (Location-wise)

When you’re looking to grow a business, it pays to make sure you choose a location that will be ideal for such endeavors. For instance, if you’re running an internet marketing company, it might be smart to set up shop in an area where your clients are most concentrated; having too much space isn’t just unnecessary – it can actually slow down your productivity. On that note, any region of India will do – because one thing all of these cities have in common is their size.

The Indian tech industry shows no signs of slowing down and investors are taking notice. Experts predict a positive outlook for India’s economy and B2B tech-based companies should enjoy these trends as well.

Government Support

India’s central government made its support clear by declaring that increasing Internet penetration and digitization are among the top priorities of (its) Digital India vision. This declaration has paved way for the most attractive tax benefits for start-ups, flexible working hours, and even rewards.

For example, in a technology-centric hub like Gurugram, an early-stage startup can apply to avail fiscal incentives of INR 100 crore in a five-year period. Further, investors don’t need to pay capital gains tax and will also be able to carry forward losses for up to eight years. This only means that they can make their maximum investment worth INR 1.5 crores per year. As you see, there are plenty of opportunities here. You just have to grab them with both hands!

It should be noted that these changes have been applied as a part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Startup India’ initiative which was launched on January 16th, 2016, and aims at making it easier for new businesses to get started and grow in India. One way it does so is by simplifying complex bureaucratic processes. The goal is to create more jobs, boost incomes and help millions enter the middle class through entrepreneurship over time.

Cost of Living

It’s a global phenomenon, but people often forget to factor in the cost of living when they make plans. After all, we want to live in places that are good—and cheap! Where can you achieve both of those things at once? Surprisingly, it might be India.

It’s true: Newcomers to India who don’t mind living on a budget may be pleasantly surprised by how much bang they get for their buck. For example, brand-name jeans go for about $7 USD and many ex-pats report paying less than $2 USD per kilo of tomatoes at local markets. Overall, prices remain low compared to Western nations such as Canada or Great Britain.

Best Way to Work – Freelance, Hiring Team or BPO

When you start an online business, there are 3 main ways to work – Freelance, Hiring Team or BPO. All of them are good. So how do you decide which way will be better for you? Let’s figure it out

Best Way to Work – Long Working Hours or Short Working Hours

Most of us just like to stick to working 9 to 5 hours. Because during these 9 to 5 hours, we are able to give our full attention and focus on our work. But as far as working hours are concerned, some people are fine with longer work hours while others prefer working for a short duration. So what’s better? Longer or shorter working hour approach?

Best Way to Work – Growth and Promotion Opportunities

In one word, there is an abundance of growth opportunities in Delhi NCR. The young and growing workforce has increased significantly over the last few years due to the population boom in these areas. Also, the population boom has led to an increase in demand for IT professionals who are responsible for designing and developing websites and mobile applications.

Jobseekers have been more than willing to take up jobs in Delhi NCR as they are excited about being part of an emerging city that has seen tremendous industrial growth over the past decade. Moreover, with progressive government policies and huge investment by realty companies, these cities have witnessed large-scale development of infrastructure such as roads, residential colonies, etc.

Best Way to Work – Infrastructure

A country’s infrastructure has a profound impact on its economy. Whether we’re talking about electricity and mobile phone coverage, or roads and rail, infrastructure (or lack thereof) can seriously hamper business growth. For companies that are investing in capital equipment (and all business owners should be), it’s important to consider where their products will be able to reach the most consumers—after all, selling inventory without reaching customers doesn’t do much good.

In India, there are several factors you should keep in mind when thinking about location: First of all, cities like New Delhi have notoriously bad traffic jams and erratic public transportation systems that can significantly cut into employees’ productivity.

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