Modular cable solutions 

Whether your company is making waves in the maritime sector or running critical data center infrastructure, cable sealing has never been more important.

Cable sealing solutions allow you to protect your investment in your business from external threats. The right cable ceiling can protect your infrastructure from everything from flooding to electromagnetic interference.

Let’s take a look at how much of their cable solutions are changing how we approach an age-old problem.

A Quick Intro to Modular Cable Sealing Systems

Modular cable solutions have completely changed how we approach cable entry and transit in our infrastructure.

Traditional cable solutions were static and had to be built to predetermined specifications. Modular cable sealing systems can change with our advancing technology. They provide airtight seals that can adjust to the size of your cabling without needing to have the entire gland replaced.

Here are just a few of the ways these modern cable sealing systems protect our businesses.

Protecting Infrastructure Against Rodents

We often don’t think of the potential hazards of rodent infestation when it comes to technology and infrastructure, but we should. Rodents can do serious damage to sensitive electronics as well as pose a health hazard for workers and the general public.

Modular cable glands can be adjusted to have no gaps and offer total protection against rodent incursion whether you’re working in a data center or operating a rail transit hub.

Securing Data Centers

Speaking of data centers, almost no industry has the same problems when it comes to cable transit and throughput as data infrastructure.

Data centers need to be sealed in order to protect this critical information structure from flooding, rodents, pests, and even electromagnetic interference and pulses. Modular cable transit systems offer this level of protection.

EMI and EMP Protection

Electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic pulses have become a much more significant threat to our infrastructure than ever before. As we come to rely more on automation, AI, and information technologies, we’re going to need more robust protection against EMI and EMP. Modular cable solutions¬†can be built to withstand electromagnetic interference as well as electromagnetic pulses. These helps protect everything from transit infrastructure to data centers from accidental, as well as directed, electromagnetic threats.

This level of protection is only going to become more important as time goes by. Data-driven technologies are becoming central to how we operate every industry. This means that cable glands that can stand up to the unique threats faced by these sensitive electronics are a vital part of nearly every industry.

Air Tight Sealing for Isolation and Clean Rooms

We should also take a look at the ways that cable solutions are intersecting with the medical industry.

The need for airtight sealing for isolation and clean rooms has never been important as it is today. We need to know that every aspect of our isolation and clean room infrastructure is protected from the outside environment.

Traditionally, it’s been difficult to secure these spaces when it comes to electronic cabling, pipes, and wiring. However, modular cable glands allow you to offer a completely airtight environment for isolation and clean rooms.

A New Future for Cable Management

Modular cable glands represent a new frontier for cable management. We can now offer a greater level of fire resistance as well as airtight sealing for industries ranging from maritime companies all the way to medical facilities.

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