The world has gone through 50 years of DIY culture and most people renovate, modernize and decorate their homes in their spare time. However, this cycle is ending for a number of important reasons, and this decline has created wonderful and exciting opportunities for those interested in interior design. During the DIY, people loved to spend their free time refurbishing their home and showing their efforts to all visitors. Today there are many distractions and choices that are much more appealing to the modern generation of homeowners – who like to spend their time on more enjoyable activities with friends. Also, adults in most families bring home more disposable income than ever before, and today they prefer to hire an custom home builder Colorado Springs decorator rather than spend hours alone. The huge glossy magazine is now available monthly and features thousands of pages of color photos of beautiful homes, each designed by an interior design expert. These magazines make people want to have such a room in their home.

Only interior designers can fulfill this desire for a beautiful home.

For years, merchants like painters, interior decorators, and carpenters had nothing to do with people who worked in the interior design industry, jokingly telling their customers not to waste their money on them. Today, the situation is very different, as dealers now accept that homes designed by interior designers are much better than anything they own. In addition, dealers often make much more profit by working for decorators than directly for customers. This is because interior architects provide quotations for the entire job: from the basic design to the purchase of all materials and the actual conversion. It could even include buying carpets, curtains, rugs, furniture, photographs and decorative items. The cost of the decoration for painting and wallpapering can only be a small part of the total price and often includes a 15-20% profit margin for interior designers.

Retailers active in the interior design industry

Now spend a lot of time and effort building good relationships with interior decorators as they can now secure an increasing share of their annual income. This is a reciprocal relationship as interior designers often receive valuable inquiries about design work from their professional groups. In addition, if craftsmen do their work to high standard, future interior designers are likely to benefit from referrals and more work from their clients in the future. But home design work only touches the surface of a good interior designer’s source of income. There is a huge and highly lucrative design market in the retail, commercial and industrial sectors, where directors and managers are not slow to spend huge sums to improve their environment. It is always easy to spend “other people’s money” and wise interior designers will ensure that they receive the bulk of the business revenue. It is much bigger and much more lucrative than the household sector where people spend their money.

Retailers are always looking for ways to attract customers,

And the interior design of their stores is becoming an important factor in building their brand. Commercial offices need eco-friendly interior design if they want to attract and retain the best people as employees and are willing to spend huge amounts of money to achieve this goal.


A successful interior designer has acquired a certain prestige and publicity.

The greedy market of glossy magazines is constantly looking for luxury custom homes Colorado Springs stories to photograph and publish. Smart interior designers build relationships with editors and journalists and inform them of work that may be of interest to magazine readers. Not only does this include the obvious VIP area where the most important people in business, politics, religion, sports and entertainment like to feature their homes in a magazine, but there are also other areas that should not be overlooked. You may be planning a new home for a lottery winner, a disabled or accident victim, or someone with an unusual hobby or profession that requires special interest. These buildings can be converted into 15th century stables, massive farms, prisons or even train stations. Many of your contracts can become glossy magazine articles, giving you PR, publicity and publicity that can increase your income tenfold!



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