The modern world is praising the innovative aroma king 7000 vape mechanisms. But, listening to how the vape works and its benefits might not feel as heartfelt as the actual vaping experience. You can only pick up the life-changing points when you start vaping. Once you’ve set up your mind to drop the cigarette habit and shift to randm tornado 7000 vapes, you buy yourself a disposable vape or a starter kit.

As soon as you take a few puffs, you hear a spooky sound. You stop there and ask yourself, what is that sound? Don’t freak out yet; we’re here to tell you about the super Stix Vape sounds, whether it’s a gurgling, whooping, crackling, or any other sound. Read below to find out!

Why Is My Vape Spitting and Popping?

One of the significant issues vapers complain about is their vape spitting and popping. It happens when a tiny amount of liquid beads or liquid droplets gather in the vape mouthpiece and eventually land on the vaper’s tongue after taking a puff. It’s the hot E-liquid that can initiate discomfort and numbness of lips/tongue for some time.

‘Spitback’ is a common term used to describe this unpleasant experience. There are plenty of reasons why your vape is giving the spitback. An overloaded or flooded vape juice in the tank/coil is the reason for vape spitting. However, disposable vapes are primarily free from vape spitting because the E-juice comes with a sealed tank–there’s no refilling. Other reasons can include over-priming of the coil.

Moreover, the gurgling effect you hear while taking a puff might be a little alarming sign that your vape will start spitting. You hear the sound because there’s some E-juice residue present on the coil that boils when the coil is heated.

Efficient Ways To Fix It:

  • Flickering is one of the primary ways of fixing your vape device and stopping it from spitting. When you shake the device, any residue E-Liquid on the coil will get removed from its place and start giving back regular puffs of vapour.
  • Another way to avoid vape spitting is to prime your coil adequately. Primary alot can overflow the E-liquid on the coil, and when you turn on the device, the E-juice drops will flow in outward directions–similar to the action when you add water on a heated pan.
  • Flick your vape device hard on paper or tissue. Face the vape head downwards so any residue of E-juice present on the coil will be warded off by the flickering pressure.
  • You can also get some help from a cotton bud and dab it on the coil to absorb all the leftover vape juice.

Vape Crackling and Whooshing Sounds

Don’t worry, there’s no ghost in your vape! That crackling sound you hear coming out of your vape is the sign that your vape is operating normally. It is caused when you pull the E-liquid into your mouth, and it transforms into the shape of vapour. That vapourisation process makes slight sounds of cracklings.

However, the sound may be a little louder–depending on the vape device and atomiser/coil health. Moreover, sub-ohm devices that require higher power to vapourise the E-liquid make the most crackling voice. However, disposable vapes that require higher power are associated with low crackling sounds.

Can I Keep My Vape Device Quite?

Yes, there are some techniques that can lower the sound volume of your vape device. One of the most significant techniques is by taking shorter puffs. When you draw shorter puffs, less air is passed through, and a low volume of sounds will be produced. Moreover, you can buy a disposable vape, they are less likely to release rough sounds than other vaping devices on the market.

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