The scalp and hair analysis are conducted to check the condition of your scalp. It’s checked with the help of a hair scalp analysis device that can provide you with information about the type of scalp and hair issue a person is suffering from. 

The devices are designed to provide accurate information, and it’s guaranteed that experts will be able to provide the right treatment to their patients. But why exactly are these devices becoming important these days? Let’s find out:

The device can provide accurate hair loss status 

Both women and men can suffer from various types of hair loss patterns. Experts take the help of a guide to determine which type of hair loss pattern a person is suffering from. 

For women, the Ludwig scale is used for classifying the hair loss stage and for men, the Norwood-Hamilton scale is utilized to learn about the stage of hair loss they’re suffering from. 

With the help of the hair scalp analyser, the experts can see the condition of their patient’s scalp. After that, they use the guide to match the type of hair loss pattern their patients have. 

Once the stage of the hair loss pattern is identified, it because easier for the expert to offer the best hair and scalp treatment to the patient.

It can check the scalp status 

With the hair scalp analyser, the device will give the experts a closer look at their patient’s scalp to understand the scalp’s condition. They will look for signs of dryness, such as flakes or scales. If the scalp has a muddy or shiny look, it indicates a high level of oil production.

Before getting their scalps examined, the patients should not wash their hair for 24 hours before their appointment. That way, it becomes easier for the expert to find out what exactly is wrong with his/her scalp and recommend an effective treatment. 

The device can let you check the hair density

 You can use the hair scalp analysis device to get a close-up image of 1 centimetre of your patient’s scalp. You can count the number of hair follicles present in that area and then decide if the patient has a below-average or average amount. 

Patients can easily grow their hair if they have hair follicles. People must start opting for the treatment when they still have hair follicles. It is because once those follicles are gone, they will not return. 

That’s why people should nourish the hair follicles with nutrients and antioxidants and also keep the scale free of residue to maintain the hair follicles.


The hair scalp analyser has become of the best devices for all the hair experts out there. They are easy to use and can click images and take videos of the hair and scalp to detect scalp or hair problems. 

The device can provide you with detailed information about the hair or scalp issue, and you can then decide the type of treatment you should provide to the patient. Furthermore, you can also send the images and videos that you collected from the device to your clients so that they, too, can have a good understanding of the problem.

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By Russell Crowe

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