Paula Newsome Chicago born Paula Newsome is a veteran American actor. Her path to Hollywood includes performing in theatres early in her career, then moving into television and eventually, she starred as blockbuster blockbuster films and drama. Do you want to know more about her private life? Find out More on Paula Newsome Husband on this subject.

Paula Newsome is an actress who gained fame through her role on TV. Born and was raised in Chicago, Illinois, USA in the year 1961. For her performances in films such as The Lyon’s Den, How to Get Away With murder and Women’s Murder Club She was awarded an appraisal and applause from moviegoers. In addition, she has appeared in numerous well-known television shows like Grey’s Anatomy (2011) and The Twilight Zone (2020).

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What are Paula Newsome Husband? We uncover their connection!

The “CSI Las Vegas” actress Paula Newsome tied the wedding to the musician George Daniels. George Daniels, the musician, is her husband for the rest who has been her partner for the last ten years and is the man she has been a fantastic wife to, despite fact that she’s been to a variety of men in the screen.

As per reports, the man runs George Music Room, a recording studio and store. However, aside from that it is difficult to find any details about her husband, Geroge. Similar to their relationship, and wedding dates haven’t been as smooth as they appear.

Paula has kept her romantic relationship secret. There’s never been details on Paula’s previous relationship or date. She’s been very successful in keeping her hookups secret even from people who work in the business.

In addition, the actress of 51 is also the character Clair Washburn, a forensic pathologist on the ABC police procedural drama Women’s Murder Club; Edmund, a character that is played by Jonathan Adams, is the husband of Paula’s character.


Paula Newsome Kids How many are they?

Newsome and the husband of her haven’t revealed any details regarding their children. In the end there haven’t been any reports that the couple has children. Newsome is a native of Chicago. Chicago born Newsome is now 51, meaning she could be a mom already. They aren’t keen for their children to be exposed to the spotlight of the media.


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