who is Elizabeth Huberdeau

John Cena married Elizabeth Huberdeau as his first wife. John Cena Married Elizabeth Huberdeau on July 11, 2009, and got Divorced on May 1, 2012, After an argument between John Cena’s ex-wife and him. (WWE) World Wrestling Entertainment of professional wrestling media is based in the United States. John and Elizabeth have been friends since high school.


Elizabeth Huberdeau was born on September 28, 1979. John’s wife Elizabeth became a part and they got married and started living with each other. But their journey was not too long and they separated early. After marrying John Cena, who is Elizabeth Huberdeau got an identity that has helped her to create recognition across the world.

who is Elizabeth Huberdeau

About Elizabeth’s career


She completed her schooling in her hometown Groveland Massachusetts and then completed her Graduation from a Best American University. She gained her Bachelor’s degree with significant honors from Springfield College. Earlier she performed as a real estate broker and spent lots of years focusing on her career. And she does raise a deal related to the construction, trading, refurbishing of business, buying, and selling. In her old Facebook profile, who is Elizabeth Huberdeau shared that she used to work with a fly faraway travel agency.


Elizabeth Huberdeau’s Family


Elizabeth Huberdeau has a supportive family that includes her Parents and one Brother. Huberdeau’s father’s name is Gene R Huberdeau and her mother’s name is Elizabeth A (Jones) Huberdeau. Her mother is retired now and is spending her Life at Home her brother looks younger than her and his name is Adam Huberdeau.


Elizabeth’s brother is currently in the job at Groveland fire department at Feeney brothers utility service. Her brother is married and he is the father of one child. Sadly sharing that Elizabeth lost her father earlier in 2015 at the age of 76 and her father was a retired police officer in Massachusetts.


Facts about Elizabeth Huberdeau


She is a brave lady and she didn’t let go of hope after the divorce. Elizabeth wants to get up and start her own business and she loves dogs. The controversy about Elizabeth accusing Cena of saying that he has an affair with his fellow wrestler Nikki Bella. And she was insecure about her marriage, which is one of the reasons for the couple’s divorce.


The doubt of Elizabeth Huberdeau was not wrong. John Cena was in an affair with Nikki Bella after the divorce. Elizabeth was an open-minded lady, she used to have fun. Both of them were a happily married couple and their divorce was a shock to all.


Elizabeth’s dream


However, Elizabeth’s first and biggest dream was to become a model, before her marriage and she had a few modeling projects. But she didn’t receive much recognition. It looks like her slim body

Her shape and her pretty face weren’t enough for her to get to the top of the industry.


Life after a celebrity looks like  


Elizabeth was no longer in the public look. Moreover, she doesn’t convey anything from her personal or experienced life on social media. she cannot find on any popular sites or in public profiles. By settling herself in Florida, she is focused on her career as a successful real estate broker, and a manager of the company. According to the reports, her salary for a real estate agent is relatively high, and she can afford to live a luxurious lifestyle.


Final words 



Elizabeth is seen as an example of a strong and independent woman who knows how to overcome the obstacles in her life. The fact that Elizabeth has begun a new and different life after her divorce makes one feel even more appreciative of her.


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