Which Statement Describes The Relationship Between Transcription And Translation?

Transcription and translation are two of the most important processes in biology, because they both take place during protein synthesis. Translation starts with transcription, but the process doesn’t end there. This article explains the relationship between transcription and translation and provides you with information on which companies offer the best transcriptions and translations services.

Both translation and transcription are written in a language

If a business wants to use marketing strategies involving video and audio files, then it needs to invest in transcription. In order for any information from these types of media outlets to be useful, it must first be transcribed so that it can be translated and used to market goods and services. The relationship between translation and transcription is essential for effective marketing because it allows you to quickly and efficiently utilize your audio and video content.

If you are looking for companies that specialize in providing excellent transcriptions or translations, look no further than Best Translation and Transcripts Writing Companies. All of their writers have years of experience in their fields as well as strong educational backgrounds. No matter what type of material they are tasked with translating or transcribing, they will perform quality work on time every time.

Both translation and transcription are spoken in a language

They are both composed of codons. The process in which RNA (from a DNA sequence) is used to produce a protein. This process is called translation. The function of RNA (transfer ribonucleic acid). mRNA (messenger ribonucleic acid) is produced from a DNA sequence through transcription, and then the resulting mRNA molecule can be used to produce proteins through translation. When a cell starts to translate proteins it’s called synthesis.

A genetic code was developed for different organisms by Francis Crick, one of the discoverers of DNA structure, in 1966. When cells transcribe their genome into RNA it’s called transcription.

Transcripts are recordings of people speaking, not written document

Transcripts are not written documents, they’re audio or video recordings of people speaking. The recording of a person saying a sentence is called that person’s utterance, and a transcription will include every utterance that was made during an interview. Just like in conversation, you can add on to what another person has said before you in transcription.

This makes transcripts easier to read since we know exactly who is speaking at any point in time. The exact words of a transcript are called its text: People often use transcript and text synonymously when talking about transcripts, but they shouldn’t.

Transcripts are generally accompanied by subtitles

Transcripts are generally accompanied by subtitles. Best Translation and Transcripts Writing Companies are among firms offering high-quality assistance for those seeking solutions to their translation needs. If a small business owner wanted to get his product or service marketed globally, he would use Best Translation and Transcripts Writing Companies to have written not only original subtitles in foreign languages, but also transcripts of what is being said in other countries’ movies and television shows.


In reality, transcription and translation are more related than they appear. While transcription is not a direct part of translation, there is an indirect relationship between them. During transcription, RNA polymerase binds to a gene on DNA and transcribes it into mRNA. The mRNA molecule then transports across cell membranes and enters ribosomes where it is translated into proteins that regulate cellular function in organisms.

Without transcription, cells would not be able to make proteins; meaning life would cease to exist. When you break down how transcription and translation work in tandem with one another, you will understand that these processes are truly in sync with each other from beginning to end.

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