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Water heaters have changed how people used to heat the water. Thanks to the changing technologies, we are now blessed with several water heaters with multiple features and benefits. This article would be your ultimate companion in selecting the most suitable water heater or geyser for yourself within an affordable price range. 

The standard storage capacity in water geysers that people usually prefer is 15 L. These geysers 15 litres are perfect for homes and offices. The comparison between water heater V Guard, AO Smith, and Havells Geyser is based on quick specs, basic information, features, technical specifications, and other basic features. 

AO Smith Geysers in India 

AO Smith is one of the oldest and most trusted globally recognized water heating manufacturers. Though this brand is more than 140 years old, India’s presence is just a decade old. It was the first American water heating company to enter the Indian shore when it ventured into the Indian markets in 2006. With its presence across 60+ nations, AO Smith is arguably the most popular water heating brand worldwide. This leading water technology company is known for its integrity, innovation, and customer service. AO Smith has been mass-manufacturing water heaters since the 1930s and has pioneered the usage of glass lining in water heaters. This speaks volumes of expertise AO Smith has.

AO Smith produces a variety of water heaters for residential as well as commercial users. From instant to storage from horizontal to vertical, AO Smith offers a good range of geysers for residential users. Apart from the conventional heaters, AO Smith has come up with Air2heat geysers—a new class of heater. It helps to sharply cut down the electricity consumption. It also comes with quite a few useful and innovative features with an appealing design. For industrial and institutional users, it offers decent options for selecting an appropriate heater. This includes a heat pump, dual fuel, and solar heaters. We will brief you about various types of geysers, their new technologies, and prominent features.

Key Technologies in Conventional AO Smith Water Heaters

  1. Blue Diamond Glass Coating to Avert Corrosion
  2. Digital Display with Remote Control
  3. Suitable for High-rise Buildings
  4. All-around Protection

The strongest point for AO Smith is their immense experience in water technology and selection of high-quality components in assembling the water heaters. Another major plus is that AO Smith has been the pioneer in water heater innovations. Patented Blue Diamond Glass coating and concept Air2Heat heaters are the living examples of that. The downside of AO Smith would be a lack of stunningly designed geysers. Also, AO Smith presently doesn’t offer gas water heaters which are slowly gaining popularity amongst Indian consumers as they are more efficient than electric water heaters. But if you are someone who is looking for a quality electrical water heater or willing to try out Air2heat—a new concept heater, then Air2Heat AO Smith should be your definitive choice, even if it means you have to shell out a few more bucks.

Havells Geysers in India 

Havells is one of the sought-after brands when it comes to water heaters or geysers. It offers a complete range of water heaters like:

  • Storage (tanked) water heaters
  • Instant (tankless) water heaters
  • Natural gas water heaters
  • LPG gas water heaters

So, many of you might be wondering what’s the difference? Well, water heaters can be classified in two ways. First is based on the capacity, where it can be a storage water heater also known as a tanked water heater with a capacity generally around 8-10 litres or more. While another type is instant water heaters, also called tankless water heaters which generally have much lesser capacity but deliver much faster heating than the storage counterpart. Another way of classifying water heaters is based on the fuel they used for heating. Though the conventional water heaters operate on electricity, there exists another lesser-known new class of heaters that makes use of compressed gas to heat the water. These are gas water heaters and are of two types: natural gas heaters and LPG gas heaters. Also, note that all Havells gas heaters are instant water heaters with lesser storage capacity but quicker heating.

Key Technologies in Havells Water Heaters

  1. Beautiful Color-Changing LED Temperature Indicator with Wireless App Control
  2. Pentashield Technology for All-Round Protection
  3. Feroglass and Incoloy Glass for Durability
  4. Whirlflow Technology to Avert Mixing of Water
  5. Flame Out and Overheat Protection of Gas Heaters

Havells geysers rank higher in the quality and durability ratings of its products. The downside of owning a Havells is few and less frequently reported. Adonia series of Havells geysers which sports a digital display panel is visually appealing and intuitive but is also delicate. So, there is a risk of damaging it upon rough usage given its exquisite construction. Havells could be your go-to brand if you are looking for an app-controlled water heater and want a lovely-looking geyser.

V-Guard Geysers in India

Over the years, the V-Guard brand has been slowly gaining popularity with its top-quality electronic appliances supply in the Indian market.

Customers can now purchase V Guard Geysers on EMI through various online platforms and other outlets. The brand manufactures a wide range of geysers, from storage, instant, gas, or electric powered geysers. 

The most popular geysers from the V-Guard brand are the Safeflo, Pebble water, Krystal, and Springhot models. The electric-powered geysers have electricity consumption ranging from 2000-3000 watts; this means that they are above average in terms of energy consumption. The V-Guard Victo geyser 15 litres has a 5-star rating for energy efficiency.

Many of the instant electric-powered geysers from V-Guard come with a 5-star rating, which serves as a guarantee to users about their ability to conserve energy. Before you invest in one, it is important to check out the buying guide that mentions all the essential points that help you make the right purchase.

Key Technologies in V-Guard Geysers

  1. Protection from High Pressure, Corrosion, and Overheating
  2. Efficiency and Easy Installation
  3. Efficiency and Easy Installation
  4. Purchase, Installation, and Maintenance Costs

Geysers from V-Guard are among the best water heaters since they come with all the essential features of top-ranking geysers in India. V-Guard is one of the most reputable brands that are well known for producing to-quality water geysers.

The good thing about these geysers is that the storage geysers come with large storage capacities; this means that large families can find an efficient water heater V Guard that will meet all their hot water demands comfortably. It’s obvious that having been producing electrical appliances for decades now, V-Guard is a set-pacer in geyser production in India.

Final thoughts

In addition to the insights shared above, factors such as knowledge about the issues associated with the ceramic coated heating element – the component responsible for heating the water, and which materials should rather be used for its construction, the capacity of the storage tank one should purchase a geyser with as per one’s requirements, some essential specifications a geyser must possess to perform reliably over a long term, too play crucial roles in determining the product one should decide on. If you’re looking to upgrade your old geyser, consider browsing through the wide range of best geysers on EMI at the Bajaj Mall. Shop for geysers on the Bajaj Mall and get everything on No Cost EMIs and zero down payment.

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