Segways and gyro scooters are now popular among fans of electric vehicles. These devices are suitable for daily movement around the city segways and for entertainment. Many are interested in – which vehicle is better to buy? What to choose – segway or hoverboard? This issue will be the focus of our article.

What is a segway?

Segway is a two-wheeled platform with a steering wheel, which is kept in balance by gyroscopes. Segway control is performed by changing the position of the user’s body, and the gyroscope system maintains balance automatically, unlike electric bicycles or scooters with a motor.

What is a gyro scooter?

A hoverboard can be called a more advanced modification of a segway – there is no steering wheel, such a vehicle is more compact and mobile. By its appearance, the gyro scooter resembles a dumbbell equipped with a pair of wheels. To ride a hoverboard, you need to stand with your feet on the platform and tilt your body in a certain direction. Despite the fact that from the outside it seems difficult to control a hoverboard, you can learn how to ride this device in just one training session.

What is the difference between a segway and a scooter?

In addition to the lack of a steering wheel, the segway differs from the hoverboard in other parameters:

  1. Weight – Segway is usually heavier than a hoverboard, for example, the Hoverbot-mini mini-segway, one of the lightest, weighs 12.3 kg, and the 6.5-inch Smart Balance hoverboard weighs about 10 kg.
  2. Size – Segways are more overall, mainly due to the presence of a steering wheel. Gyroscooters are very compact, they can be carried by hand in a special bag – even a teenager can handle this task.
  3. Wheel diameter – Segways usually have wheels that are much larger than hoverboards.
  4. Price – Segways belong to the more expensive category of vehicles. If a good hoverboard can be bought for 20,000 – 30,000 rubles, then the budget should be larger to purchase a decent segway. So, the SC-03 segway with a lithium-ion battery costs almost 140,000 rubles, and the 8-inch Smart Balance Transformers LED hoverboard costs a little more than 21,000 rubles.

Now that you understand the differences between a segway and a hoverboard, it will be easier for you to decide: what to buy – a segway or a hoverboard? When choosing the conditions for using your new vehicle, consider your financial capabilities and needs, and make an informed choice. We hope this material will be useful to you and help you decide what will be more comfortable for you – a segway or a hoverboard.

Positive traits

Segways have many advantages, and the most noticeable are:

  • Profitability – no gasoline rising in price before our eyes: we just charge the battery and go. And yes, the cost of 1 kilometer on a Segway is about … a penny;
  • Environmental friendliness and noiselessness – everything is logical and simple here: no gasoline – no soot, no noise. Let’s ride and relax!
  • Easy to learn – no need to learn from the word at all. Get up, go, beauty. Slightly tilt forward – we go forward, we straighten up – we stopped;
  • Convenience and maneuverability – we don’t pedal, we don’t push off with our feet, we stand up and drive beautifully. No neck in soap, we dress clothes of any style. And the segway can be easily placed in the subway and the elevator, does not require a parking space and eliminates tedious traffic jams;
  • Versatility – if you want, we go for a walk – if necessary, then shopping or on business. A business bag, a heavy bag with things or products will fit perfectly on the trolley;
  • Cool design – what is a modern segway? Just look at the photo on the net! Really stylish and cool design! Soft, rounded lines pleasantly flow into each other, shiny chrome details complete the futuristic look. The spirit is captivating! There are options for rock lovers, and for romantics, and for strict neat people – just choose.

And yes, all the same, we are all at heart a little bit Segway Black Friday Sale of a child and such a useful and cool toy will help make life much more convenient, and at the same time paint it with new sensations and colors.

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