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Cryo facial therapy is one of the popular wellness therapies that involve subjecting your body to subzero temperatures. It is commonly used in the cosmetics and athletics industry to promote the reduction of pain, the release of hormones like endorphins, and a natural anti-inflammatory response.

If you want to experience quality non-invasive facials, you will need to hire professional cryo facial services in Mesa. They involve quick and convenient facial procedures that will not leave your skin looking red or patched, like when you use peels. Read on to discover more about this special facial procedure.

What Is A Cryo Facial?

A cryo facial therapy is a professional treatment in which a technician makes use of a very cold stream of air over the patient’s face to restore beauty and youthfulness. The definition of pretty cold air is between -200 to -300 degrees Fahrenheit breeze, which is similar to vaporized liquid nitrogen.

The procedure is not as scary as it sounds, as it only lasts for a few minutes and the air is constantly moving over the skin to prevent any form of injury. A lot of people agree that the procedure is rather refreshing and relaxing to the skin. Better than the feeling associated with it, you would be more satisfied with the results.

Facial therapy can involve a whole lot of treatments and the final cost will depend on different factors. For example, the technology and techniques involved will affect a signature facial price in Mesa.

How Cryo Facial Therapy Works

Generally, a cryo facial therapy facial involves the use of a hose to concentrate liquid nitrogen into a pressurized beam of vapor. The vapor is passed over the face and neck to boost the circulation of blood in the vessels. The prices could lead to an increase in collagen production and a tightening effect.

Intense cold is a major factor in the contraction of your blood vessels and the tightening of your skin pores. As soon as your skin gets back to its normal temperature, the blood vessels will dilate, causing an increase in the flow of blood to the face. The result of this facial procedure is less swollen, glowing, and vibrant-looking skin.

What To Expect When Going For a Cryo Facial Therapy

When you book an appointment for Cryo Facial Services in Mesa, the practitioner will go over some steps with you to prepare you for the procedure. For a normal facial treatment, your face will be properly cleaned and dried, or for some facial providers, steamed and gently massaged.

Once the liquid nitrogen beam starts flowing, you will feel the cold air as if you are just about to stick your head in a freezer. It may feel cold but it is bearable, as the hose will cover your face with vapor for a very short time. The technician may decide to apply a serum or moisturizer to the treated area.

The Major Benefits of Cryo Facial Therapy

There are several benefits of getting a cryo facial therapy, which include;

  • The stimulation of collagen production
  • Reduction of wrinkles and pores
  • Boosting blood circulation
  • Promotion of follicle growth across the scalp.

Each of these benefits will cause a reduction in facial swelling, facial toxins, and pore size, and will even give you a brighter complexion. While passing the liquid nitrogen vapor over the scalp, causes thicker and healthier hair growth. As you consistently use facial treatments, you will discover a huge improvement in your skin elasticity, without any downtime or redness of the skin.

Another benefit to note is that the therapy is very effective on people suffering from eczema or any chronic inflammatory skin condition that can cause patches on the skin. It also applies to people with rosacea, psoriasis, and any other inflammatory manifestations on the skin

Better than these benefits, cryo facial therapy is also affordable! Prices may vary depending on the types of facials. The refreshing feeling, speed, and signature facial price in Mesa make a great alternative to a lot of skin care treatments out there.


A few side effects should not scare you away, as cryo facial therapy is very safe and can be recommended to anyone who desires glowing and youthful skin. With the advice of a professional, you can get the right treatment that will help your skin feel restored. For wrinkled and craggy-looking skin, cryo facial therapy facials are a great and energizing way to make it all better.

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