The people of India are extremely close to gold, and so they do not require any special day to purchase gold jewellery. Be it birthdays, festivals, weddings or anniversaries, each occasion has roles of gold in one way or the other. The most commonly bought gold jewellery worn by women after gold rings is a gold chain. They are sported by women to show off their pendants or just their gold with relaxed outfits. Several people purchase gold chains throughout auspicious occasions like Akshaya Tritiya, Diwali, Dhanteras, and even as a gift for weddings. 

But, there are some things that you must evaluate prior to purchasing a gold chain. Numerous vital factors should be considered prior to buying a gold chain from a store. The factors incorporate things like the karat number, the purity of gold and the type of links present on the chain and lots more. 

Evaluate the type of the gold chain

Gold chains come in three varieties – gold plated, solid gold, or hollow.

Solid gold chains are completely made up of gold without any hollow or plating. The smaller pieces joined to craft the chain are made using solid gold and so they may feel heavy. The solid gold chains are expensive and usually don’t lead to any skin issues even when you wear them on a daily basis. You should opt for the best website for buying gold chains

Plated chains are cheaper when compared to solid gold varieties; however, the plating starts to wear off after a while, thereby revealing the metal beneath. This causes skin allergies in people and makes the chain appear dull. If you require making it shine like a new piece again, you require having it replated to bring back its colour. Thus, if you are about to wear the gold chain frequently, solid gold is often a good choice due to its durability.

Some chains are made hollow as well. You can observe that the tiny pieces or the entire chain feel lighter than solid chain pieces of comparable size. Hollow chains are not that much expensive however they are easily likely to dent or break. They are almost impossible to repair when damaged. So, you must be very careful while sporting a hollow chain.

Pick the gold chain karat

The most significant query to ask a jeweller prior to choosing anything else such as gold jewellery designs is the gold karat or the purity of the gold chain. Typically, if you are purchasing the gold chain for normal use, then it is suggested that you leave out 22K and 20K chains as they may scratch more easily. You must consider skipping the 14K or 10K ones too, which are rigid but less pure as they have a higher percentage of alloys. Though lower karat gold is durable, it is not suggested if you are allergic to nickel – lots of gold alloys have it and the inferior the gold purity, the more nickel may be present in the chain.

Thus, it is recommended to buy 18K or 22K gold chains since they are the right balance of durability/strength and high gold purity. 22K gold chains look as bright yellow whilst 18K chains are darker and can offer more pick of colour with the gold being plated. 

Choose the chain link type

Picking the link type for the gold chain is vital since it will help decide how effortlessly it will twist and how likely it is to break. For example, flat chains such as the herringbone chain and the omega chain are more prone to bending. A round snake chain is one more type of link that can present issues. These chains are likely to get trapped on your fabric and bend. You must decide on the thickness of the chain link too. This particular decision depends not just on the style preference of the wearer or frequent use but on whether the wearer will be sporting a pendant alongside, as well. 

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