When an inventor invents a new machine or an appliance, the first thought on their mind is usually about the application and functionality of the invention. While aspects like the design patent cost or the application deadline might not be the first priority, they are extremely important for successfully completing the patent application process. Several examples of inventors have led to irreversible damages due to a lack of understanding of the patent design costs and the financial factors associated with the same. At the end of the day, you do not want your company to go into bankruptcy because of a small mistake in understanding the intricacies of the procedure. You could either look for an investor or try crowd-funding to raise the design patent costs while simultaneously checking out the reaction to your prototype from the people concerned.

The Best design patent cost also varies depending on the type of patent drawing you would like to go for. A utility patent drawing usually is more expensive than a design patent drawing. Since a utility design also emphasizes the functions of the said product, the charges can go up. Design patent costs are usually more affordable in comparison.

What Are Different Prices One Should Be Ready For To Cover The Design Patent Costs?

The United States Patent And Trademark Office, which is often abbreviated as UPSTO, has laid down certain guidelines related to the costs and the deadlines for patent designs and applications. The design patent costs are calculated on a per-sheet basis and normally come with a range of prices. Utility drawings, design drawings, and trademark costs vary owing to a number of reasons, and here’s a list of what sort of expenses you might be looking at for patent drawings.

  • Utility Patent Drawings: The average design patent cost is between $35 and 65, depending on the level of detail. The average price ranges between $65 and $85 while for complex structures the rate starts at $85 and can go up depending on the intricacies of the said design.


  • Design Patent Drawing Costs: The biggest benefit of the design patent costs is that if the drawing gets rejected, the designing company will be there to fix the errors and resubmit the application following the rules and regulations of UPSTO. Most of the designs typically fall within the simple category, and the price per sheet falls between $50 to 75. The average and complex designs stand at  $75 and $100, respectively.

Source – https://writeupcafe.com/the-ultimate-guide-to-design-patent-cost-and-its-importance/

By Russell Crowe

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