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Being a customer, you would admit that the first thing catching your attention in a supermarket is appealing product packaging. Most business owners acknowledge that and want unique and interesting folding cartons to package their products. And the responsibility of creating and delivering the countless folding cartons to companies globally falls on folding carton businesses like yours.

You likely have many clients with orders like 100 pizza boxes, 1000 various size shipment cartons, and all kinds of product packaging that they require daily and expect you to fulfill them. While the work can be hectic and complex, you can meet the orders comfortably with a dedicated professional team and high-tech folding carton machinery. Machines like foil stampers, folder gluers, laminators, and window patchers all help differently in folding carton production and simplify the process. But while every piece of folding carton equipment serves an important purpose, nothing is more indispensable than die cutters in your business.

Since the clients have varying requirements, professionals use the die cutters to cut the intended folding carton shape out of cardboard, corrugated paper, plastic, etc., which are later folded, glued, and laminated. It allows you to create standout packaging in a short time which companies love for their products. So, considering its use and necessity in their work, most folding carton companies go with branded equipment like Bobst die cutters machines.

Models like Bobst Spanthera 106 LER have a durable built and a high-quality design, making it a great addition to your folding carton equipment. Also, if you find the new machine unfeasible for your budget, you can buy preowned die cutters from Bobst, which are equally great in performance. A popular industry brand like Bobst ensures their die cutters machine is best for your production by adding many beneficial features.

High energy efficiency

A folding carton business deals with many diverse packaging orders for different clients. So, it’s safe to say your die cutters are constantly used to meet the order before the deadline. Any off-brand machine might work great initially, but the constant usage over time can lower its efficiency and significantly increase your electricity bills. However, with brands like Bobst, the expert making the machine acknowledge its usage in your industry. So, their die cutters can run every day for years without facing energy efficiency issues, and you will be safe from additional electricity expenses.

Faster turnaround time and delivery

Most big companies manufacture or create thousands of tangible products daily and require a sufficient number of specific folding cartons to package them. So, late delivery from your end could disrupt their workflow and affect your credibility in the market. While the branded die cutters reduce energy consumption in production, it doesn’t compromise their performance. The highly-advanced machines can perfectly cut out shapes for thousands of folding cartons within hours and ensure you meet your deliveries in time.

Uniform and neatly cut cartons

Customers hesitate to shop for products with defective or untidy packaging. So, the manufacturing and companies expect you to leave no error with uniformity with their folding carton orders. If you rely on manual work or bad quality die cutters, the production will generate more waste, and the results will hardly satisfy your clients. On the other hand, Bobst models like Spanthera 106 LER guarantees minimal waste with uniform and neatly-cut folding cartons, regardless of design complexity and order size.

So, buy new or preowned die cutters and other folding carton machines from Bobst to ensure nothing disrupts your workflow and stops your business growth.

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