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In recent years, the demand for vanadium as an industrial catalyst has greatly increased. It is widely used as an electrolyte in lithium-ion batteries, receptive material in the manufacture of solar panels, a catalyst in petroleum refining, ammonia synthesis, and vanadium-based Selective Catalyst Reduction (SRC) denitrification.

Impurities can be added to Vanadium Pentoxide V205 to enable it to fulfill its different applications. The catalyst changes color based on the impurities added. For instance, Vanadium Pentoxide V205 changes to yellow-brown color when phosphorus is added.

Even so, what is the price of Vanadium Pentoxide V205? Stick along for an insight into the price of the precious catalyst.

What is Vanadium Pentoxide?

It is an inorganic compound of oxygen and vanadium with the formulae V2O5. Technically, the “Pent” in pentoxide means that the compound contains five oxygen units in every vanadium unit. In its pure form, V2O5 is red.

When mixed with even small amounts of impurities, it immediately changes to different colors ranging from yellow to black. The resulting color depends on the type and quantity of impurities added.

V2O5 is mainly used as a catalyst for domestic and industrial purposes. It also contains properties required for producing fuel cell cathodes, batteries, and electrolyte membranes.

Cost of Vanadium Pentoxide

V2O5 is one of the most affordable than the majority of metals. Industrial-grade vanadium pentoxide with 99.9% purity costs around US $25-50 per kilogram, depending on the type and quantity of impurities added.

The price also varies depending on its formulation as an impurity for specific applications. For instance, one piece of lab reagent vanadium pentoxide for use in industries and school laboratories goes for US$1-5. The price can go as high as $100 per kilogram for a V2O5 catalyst for an acidic oxide.

It is imperative to note that the price of the catalyst used in petroleum refining differs from that used in vanadium-based SRC denitrification and ammonia synthesis. Ensure you consult the metal company before purchasing to help you get your ideal V2O5.

Compounds that Can Be Formed with Vanadium

Depending on the vanadium metal oxidation state, several compounds can be formed with oxygen. Here are some of the most common types of vanadium compounds:

  • Vanadium (III) Oxide  V2O3
  • Vanadium (III) Oxide  VO2
  • Vanadium (V) Oxide V2O5
  • Vanadium (IV) Oxide
  • V2O5 is the most stable form of vanadium oxide. It is available as a nanofluid and high carbon coated.

Final Thoughts

Contrary to what most people think, vanadium pentoxide is quite affordable. You can find 99.9 % V2O5 for US $25-50 per kilogram. The price increases based on the type and quantity of impurities added. Metal companies produce V2O5 in different forms for numerous applications. Ensure you consult with the company to help you purchase the right vanadium pentoxide.

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