What Is Tantric Massage: 5 Incredible Details

Tantric massage is an unbelievable way to overcome insecurities, beliefs and fear as many individuals fail to explore and enjoy natural sensuality. There is more to tantric massage London than merely performing erotic massage. With its profoundly spiritual origins, tantra entangles the balance and interweaving of energy. In this blog, we will discuss five incredible details that you should know before you get ready for your amazing tantric appointment.


What is Tantric Massage?

Tantric massage is more than just an erotic massage, but how? It enables an individual to revive and use carnal energy to develop the nervous system and direct it via Sushumna. It purifies all the energetic channels of the body. Engaing all your chakras and facilitating the transference of energy. Tantric massage can be a fulfilling experience. It is about accepting yourself without any judgement.

There are many forms of tantric massage, it has an array of purposes such as uncovering the first chakra that is the sacred point, the second chakra enables a person to connect intimately and the sixth chakra is mounting the Kundalini to ajna that helps a person to control ejaculation. As you may already know, a tantric massage is a full body massage that evokes carnal energy in the receiver. It is not all about achieving the outcome but focuses on every moment of pleasure during the massage. When the receiver adds conscious breathing, the level of energy and satisfaction is boosted and the whole experience is further heightened.


Uncover 5 Incredible Details of Tantric Massage

In this section, we have unveiled the top 5 incredible details of tantric massage:

  • Experience New Paths to Erotic Pleasure.

Tantric massage introduces a person that it is not mandatory to penetrate a vagina with a penis to encounter the ultimate climax, erotic pleasure and endless orgasms. It is rather an art of experiencing new paths to unimaginable pleasure and exploring sensuality. It teaches a person to be happy, lead a healthy life and develop deeper relationships. It nurtures and heightens the entire experience.


  • Increased Carnal Experiences

One of the top reasons why people book a tantric massage is to experience heightened carnal pleasures. Practising with a tantric massage helps the receiver have a better chance of exploring their sensuality and enjoying unparalleled pleasures throughout the massage. The newfound findings can be used in your daily sex life.


  • Remove Pressure Of Orgasm-Focused Encounters

A tantric massage never solely focuses on the attainment of orgasm. It does not only focus on helping a person to reach a sexual climax but rather concentrates on helping them to enjoy the experience while having pleasure throughout. For women and men who are facing difficulties in experiencing orgasms, enjoying tantric massage services offers deep and unrivalled pleasure as it facilitates an erotic experience that eradicates the stress of trying to experience a climax.


  • Alleviating Emotional Blockages

By using tantric massage services, a person can alleviate many emotional blockages. These blockages can hinder a person from enjoying sexual pleasure. If a person is facing issues with experiencing pleasure due to relationship issues or emotional trauma, then tantric massage can help a person get rid of their emotional blockages. It enables you to experience a deep state of peace, letting go of inhibitions, past trauma and boundaries and makes it easier to let down your emotional guard. As an added benefit, the  energy transmitted between the receiver and the giver can enable a clearer way of communication. The mind is after all the most powerful erogenous zone in our bodies. Tantric massage encourages a mind body connection.


  • The Therapeutic Power of Tantra Massage

One of the most fundamental advantages of having a tantric massage is that it helps to heal stress and past trauma. It has therapeutic power and offers a new concept of ultimate satisfaction. By indulging in a tantric massage a person can enjoy carnal pleasure while healing themselves. A person can experience unimaginable pleasure in manifold ways. If a man or a woman experiences difficulty in enjoying pleasure, then indulging themselves in tantric massage will help them overcome their past trauma as it has healing power.


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A client can select their favourite masseuse as they provide a wide range of options to pick from so that every client finds a masseuse that they are drawn too, You can select the hair colour and ethnicity of the masseuse to suit your needs. Their tantric masseuse provides mobile (visiting you in your hotel or residence) and incall tantric massage services at their luxury central London apartments, however, you need to make an appointment in advance. The massage service is available throughout Central London. Open from 10am – Midnight daily. Contact them today!

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