filter cartridge

Cartridge housing for water filtering


The housing of the cartridge filter is a stainless steel enclosure that houses a filter cartridge. Our clients can choose from three types of stainless steel materials such as ss304, ss316 and SSS316L. Other materials require a custom-made.

How is the housing for cartridge filters functioning?

Under the pressure of pressure the liquid flows enters the inside of the filter will cause impurities to be caught within the filter element. the filtrate flows through core of the filter to accomplish the goal of filtration.

How can stainless filter housings made of steel can be used for?

This usually occurs following multi-media pretreatment filtering, prior to ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and so on. membrane filtration equipment. It’s employed to eliminate small particles (such small quartz particles particles, activated carbon particles and so on. ) as well as bacteria and other impurities that are removed through the multiple-media.

How do I select the housing for my filter?

Based on the selection of different usage instances, the different precise filter elements are used to ensure RO membrane’s security as well as the quality of the outlet water.

What’s the principle behind filtration?

The principle of operation is mechanical filtration by using various precise pores in this filter element. All contaminants are able to be captured on the cartridge’s surface as well as in the pores as a result of the direction of flow.

What is the best way to change this element?

When the filtration duration increases and the filter element gets polluted with impurities. The running resistance will increase as well, and once the difference in operating pressure between the outlet and the inlet water is 0.1 MPA The filter element must be replaced.

What’s the benefit of the benefit of the cartridge filter housing?

Low resistance, high efficiency, and simple replacement.

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