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Moonstone is easily recognisable due to their distinct features. The colour of the Moonstone is milky, and at first glance, a moonstone looks like a piece of the moon. The stone has a soft appearance that makes it soothing to the eyes.

The origin of the moonstone crystal can be traced to Sri Lanka during the Art Noveau period. This stone has several varieties and numerous benefits if used properly. 

This article explores Moonstone’s basics, like meaning, benefits, etc., to give you a detailed overview of the stone. 

About Moonstone

Moonstone is made from Feldspar, a mineral from the crust. It is believed to have the moon’s powers and helps us keep our minds positive and rejuvenated. 

It is also commonly considered a symbol of fertility, protection, and love. 

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Benefits of Moonstone

Listed below are the benefits of Moonstone:

  1. The stone helps bring positivity to mind and simultaneously calms the mind
  2. It helps in enabling natural stability and regulating emotions
  3. The stone helps cure liver, pancreas, spleen, and stomach problems and enhances the digestive and immunity systems. 
  4. It holds the hormonal systems of the body, which also regulates the menstrual cycle in women
  5. It inculcates self-healing, inner peace, and spiritual growth

Types of Moonstone

Listed below are the different types of Moonstones that you should be aware of: 

Blue Moonstone

The Blue Moonstone is a transparent blue-coloured crystal stone. It is usually found in Myanmar and is one of the most used moonstones. 

However, you must be careful using this stone as it can be quite brittle. 

Green Moonstone

The Green Moonstone is not as used as the blue Moonstone but is still quite beneficial. This stone is aesthetically pleasing with a white or a transparent light greenish-yellow colour and looks like the full moon. 

Pink Moonstone

The Pink Moonstone has a white glow to it. The colour of this stone ranges from honey to beige to peach. 

The appearance of this stone is similar to a cat’s eyes. 


Amazonite is an opaque moonstone with a blue or bluish-green colour. The stone’s colour resembles Nephrite and Jadeite, but it can vary a lot. 

This particular stone is supposed to help in regulating mental and physical health.

Rainbow Stone

Rainbow Stone, one of the most essential and used moonstones, originates from empty orthoclastic inclusions. It is generally translucent and white and has a glowy sheen that can be compared to moonshine. 

The colour distribution of the stone is erratic. The stone ranges from opaque to semi-translucent with flashes of blue in the white Moonstone.

The scientific name of Rainbow Stone is Labradorite. 


Moonstones have excellent healing properties, making them one of the most sought-after stones. However, you must recognise original moonstones to access their benefits. 

An original moonstone will always contain inclusions and fissures created by the pressure. The fissures also form cracks and give the Moonstone a centipede shape. They also have cavities. 

Now that you know the basics of moonstones and can easily recognise original ones, or if you want to buy moonstone crystals, go check out karma living to choose the best ones for yourself today!

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