What is EJARI? How to do Ejari Online Registration?

What is Ejari? Due to the growth in business and employment prospects, Dubai’s population is expanding every day. In Dubai, new stores are continuously opening. As a result, new building construction is on the rise in order to help the economy by providing new jobs, tourism, and housing options for both local and international populations.

The influx of individuals from all over the world helps to strengthen the RERA (Real Estate Regulator), which is in charge of ensuring that all rental contracts in Dubai are in order. In 2010, RERA implemented the EJARI system to give both parties with up-to-date and transparent rental contracts.

Upon completion of the registration process, the applicant will receive the Ejari Attestation made of 3 parts:

Ejari tenancy contract

This part represents the transposition of your private Rental Agreement (tenancy contract) into a standard format accepted by Ejari.

Ejari registration certificate

This part is the evidence that a rental agreement was successfully entered into the Ejari information system and thus giving the terms of the contract legal validity.

Ejari fees payment receipt

This part bears the receipt issued after the payment of the Ejari government fees and typing service charges to RERA.


The goal of this system is to give the best real estate sector in the world with an affordable e-rental market. By making historical data of all contracts in Dubai available online, EJARI safeguards the rights of landlords and tenants. The system’s transparency eliminates the widespread abuses that have plagued rental contracts in the past. Any EJARI contract can be processed in as little as one or two days.

EJARI is an online rental registration system where the applicant must provide basic information such as property details and rental agreements. This is a complete rental registration process that also includes information on the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) and your company partnership (in terms of phone, Internet, and digital television).

This implies that EJARI has made the entire process easier for all tenants included by the rental agreement, as they can now access all of their RERA, DEWA, and your information in one spot.

What is EJARI? How to do Ejari Online Registration?

Registration of EJARI Online

Anyone with an active EJARI account has access to the EJARI system. All rental contracts in Dubai, including residential, commercial, condominium, and unowned properties, must now be registered with EJARI. Before or shortly after the start of the rental, landlords and tenants must register the rental agreement with EJARI.

The registration process also necessitates the submission of papers such as:

  • Copy of original rental agreement
  • Renter’s passport, UAE ID card, and UAE visa (if the tenant is a person)
  • UAE ID card and business manager license (if the tenant is a company)
  • Donor passport or UAE identity card
  • Recent DEWA and Du Bill accounts

The EJARI charter contract, the EJARI registration certificate, and the EJARI fee payment document are all included in the EJARI certificate.

EJARI is critical for renters because it assists them in obtaining or renewing residence visas for family members or office personnel. In the event of a dispute with the owner, an EJARI certificate will be necessary. EJARI is subject to a government tax of AED 155. Other services can be charged separately as well.

As you can see, EJARI is not only required but also helpful to Dubai’s tenants and property owners. As a result, you should finish your EJARI registration as soon as feasible.

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