One of the biggest challenges in marketing is creating valuable and attractive content that directly facilitates a higher rate of customer interaction. This challenge often leads marketers in experimenting with content types and find what resonates the most with their customer base. A tactic or trick that is often unheeded is combining content mediums to duple the efficiency of each channel. One of these strategies is audio blogging and that’s when written content is accompanied and optimized with professional voice-overs and audios.

Blogging is the most favored way of reaching more audiences and businesses, marketers, and corporates have been using it quite wisely. But in the last few years, there has been a significant shift in the mode of consuming online content. The rise of audiobooks and the popularity of podcasts have paved the way for more consumption of audio means that people are ready to listen and often prefer to listen rather than sit, focus, and read or watch, hence, the audio blogs. This has generated a new opportunity for the brands to communicate with their audiences without putting any hindrance to their regular routine.

An audio blog is much like a written blog, recorded in an audio format preferably by a voice artist. It’s a new way of communicating to your audience where you can use various elements to make your products and services have more compelling stories. Don’t mix audio blogging with podcasts, both seem similar but are not the same. Podcasts are more of a regulated and formal mode, and at times conducted live. Audio blogs on the other hand are always previously recorded, edited, and marinated with various elements to make them sound more interesting and appealing to the audience. Well, most of the time businesses hire an audiobook voice-over artist to record the audio blogs and utilize his/her narration skills to further uplift the listeners’ experience and it also strengthens the sonic branding of the company.

Audio blogging has multiple benefits for both B2B and B2C businesses and service-based brands, also you need create the strategies for B2B and B2C. Some major ones are –

Increase Audience Engagement Significantly – it’s Portable:

There has been a shift, and quite a major one, in the medium of online data consumption. Maximum number of people are using smartphones for surfing the internet nowadays instead of desktops. This portability has motivated people in consuming portable online content, therefore, the audio content. Various tech giants, news, and media outlets of the world are adapting to this new model of content. For instance, The Economist has confessed a notable upsurge in its online content consumption since the introduction of its audio articles or the voice-over recordings of the editorials. Furthermore, in a world where remote work is growing in popularity, marketing teams must consider the changing behaviors and habits of the audience. With an audio blog, online visitors can consume more of your content while doing the dishes, driving to the store, or taking a walk, making it more fitting for attracting new customers.
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Internally and Externally – makes you Stand out:

Audio blogs provide an excellent way to stand apart from the crowd since not a lot of businesses are aware and utilizing them as part of their online marketing strategy, yet. Also, many people find that they can learn more by listening rather than reading. So, it’s a great way to attract more segments of your audience who otherwise may or may not express any interest in your blogs. In addition to that audio blogs make an effective tool for internal communications. The internal audio blog contains both the written and audio material, so employees can choose any medium of their choice to engage with. It is also advantageous in multiple areas of employee relations like – onboarding, culture building, and employee attraction.

An audio blog is a smart marketing instrument when you want to reach out to a specific demographic or niche audience. Your audio blogs can also activate ongoing conversation and strengthen your brand’s recognition, reliability, and authority among customers.

While the number of audio content consumers is hiking rapidly, audio blogging offers a unique chance to evoke conversations and build brand credibility. Consumers prefer content that is relevant to their needs, entertaining, or educational in a tone and voice that sounds familiar and trustworthy. Hence, hiring professional voice-over actors would definitely be the smart move here. Maybe instead of going through all these troubles of producing, recording, editing, refining, etc., just hire an experienced voice-over agency – Voyzapp. Here you can get the most captivating narration voices for your audio blogs, quality recordings, and quick TATs. All at the most lucrative prices, so that the cost of production doesn’t go up and the Audio blog loses its efficiency. Since listenership is on the rise and needs more and more audio content, find your voice, and get started now.

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