Although prostitution is legal in many countries, the profession does not enjoy much social acceptance and is often discredited. The stigmatization of these people is due to their activity and the type of product offered.

Due to this stigma, the term escort girl has recently become popular and enjoys a better reputation than conventional prostitutes. What exactly does this label change mean?

Differences between escorts and prostitutes

Often, when we think of prostitutes, we imagine a woman who is addicted or in a precarious situation who engages in commercial sex. In short, this practice is historically linked to poverty and the most vulnerable people, even to slavery and sexual exploitation.

However, the figure of escort girls aims to break with these ideas and beliefs about this type of sex worker. The concept of “escort”, whether escort girls in Geneva , Amsterdam, Paris or other major cities, is associated with women of great beauty, many of whom are educated and able to offer interesting conversations or even to serve as Kenai Escorts during certain social events. The idea is essentially to go beyond the sexual act itself when it comes to selling the body. The service includes the possibility of experiencing something akin to a real affective relationship.

Basically, escort girls usually provide services that a prostitute does not provide. Prostitutes generally charge less, and their services are closely linked to sexual practice. In the case of escort girls, they can have sex with clients, but they can also simply accompany them to events, parties or business trips.

What is an escort to be clearer?

To hire an escort girl, the usual thing to do is to go to a contact page on the internet in which. The most obvious thing is that they try to give a good image to attract men with high purchasing power.

Escort girls are considered high class prostitutes. Traditional prostitutes, although they may also advertise their services on the internet or on contact pages and travel to the client’s home, can be found offering their services in the open street, on the road and in “clubs”. .

These are practices associated with the lower classes. And if for centuries this has not been a problem for the better-off, the emergence of human rights and the rejection of disguised forms of slavery have meant that the stigma can be two-way: for the prostitutes and for those who hire their services. In the face of this, the mechanism for protecting people with resources was to create another profession from what had been known for centuries.

Escort girls, because they are expensive and sophisticated, act as a retaining wall against this stigma of sex workers. Thus, the stigma only falls on those who cannot afford to become luxury prostitutes.

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By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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