It is undeniable that many don’t accept cannabis products even though they are legalized in some states. There are still many prejudiced against weed users, whether medically or recreationally.

With the legalization of weed across many states, recreational use has steadily increased. One defining characteristic of weed is the smell, which is off-putting for people who don’t appreciate it.

Although many cannabis users love the smell, they would prefer it to be discreet. So, they need something to conceal their stash and not draw attention. Smell proof stash bags may have recently hit the market but have steadily gained appreciation.

This smell proof bag’s weed scent effectively that no one would ever notice that you are carrying your stash around.

What is a smell-proof Stash Bag?

Merely from the name, you can tell that it is built to conceal the odour. A smell proof stash bag is a storage bag designed to hide the odour and protect the integrity of weed.

Materials used in a smell-proof bag possess properties that prevent the odour from escaping to the surroundings. From the interiors to the handle, everything in this bag is designed to keep the odour inside.

The interiors are made from a special material called Activated Charcoal that helps trap the odour and prevent unwanted attention.

How does activated Charcoal boost the smell-proof Properties

Generally, charcoal possesses properties that allow them to trap odour. However, activated charcoal is a powdered substance made from coal, peat, bone char, olive pit, coconut shell and petroleum coke.

It is called activated charcoal because it is heated to a very high temperature in the presence of gas. This process causes the pores to develop many internal spaces and expand surface areas.

The developed internal pores activate the charcoal trapping chemicals allowing it to attract and trap gases and, in this case, bad odours. This activated charcoal is used to line the inside of smell-proof stash bags, effectively trapping the odour and preventing it from escaping.

Using a smell-proof bag is one of the best ways to store your stash; however, using one lined with activated charcoal is guaranteed to keep your stash discreet and protected.

Why you need a smell-proof stash bag

First, do you want to protect your stash from prying eyes and wandering hands? If yes, the best way is to get a smell-proof bag. As the name suggests, they possess properties that keep odour traps so you can be discreet about your weed.

It is understandable that you love the scent of your weed, but you may not want to attract attention to yourself.

Like packing your toiletries, packing your weed supply can be a bummer. Some smell-proof comes with a different compartment that helps you organize your smoking accessories.

Once you have your paper, lighter, pipe, and weed organized, you can carry them at all times without the fear of discovery. Smell-proof stash bag might just be the best thing to happen to the cannabis community.

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