With increasing awareness and many ongoing ambitions for facilitating environment-friendly automobiles, the market for hybrid and electric automobiles has seen a surge over their traditional ICE (internal combustion engine) counterparts. However, formulating a hybrid electric automobile is tough as there are two distinct power generation sources. The advancement of hybrid drives by utilising Simulink and MATLAB courses is one of the best Simulink and MATLAB courses that is particularly designed for engineering students to enhance their skills and understanding in their domain. The course of hybrid MATLAB encompasses many modules and associated industrial projects to enable you to develop appropriate skills in this domain.

A great portion of the Battery Management System Course utilises experimentally substantiated teaching procedures that great professionals of this course provide. Moreover, the various projects associated with modelling protocols while working with Simulink and MATLAB provide you with an extensive learning experience in the domain.

What will students learn from this course?

  • The learners will get good knowledge about how hybrid electric drives function in the automotive industry.
  • Students will have good knowledge about the following topics:
    • Current and Future Architectures
    • Fundamentals  of Hybrid Electric Powertrains
    • Simulation and Controls pertained to Powertrains
    • Powertrain System Design Modelling
  • Students will be exposed to recent trends and common practices that companies are pursuing now.
  • The primary aim of this course is to learn the concepts about various trends of hybrid electric vehicles and enable the development of a fully electric vehicle using Simulink and MATLAB.
  • The course makes a base for any candidate who wants a career in this domain.

Who Should Take these Hybrid MATLAB courses? 

The advancement of Hybrid Drives by using Simulink and MATLAB courses is the best fit for learners and graduates who are studying some particular engineering degrees,  encompassing automotive engineering, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering, to learn the concept in-depth. The course is formulated to help mechanical and automotive engineers improve their skills for great career development. The course is the best fit for professionals like simulation programmers and developers looking for promising career opportunities and improving their extensive knowledge about the automotive industry.

What Will You Learn?

These courses will enable you to improve your knowledge about the modelling and design aspects of many hybrid electric vehicles that will be energy-conservative. After the completion of the course, you can better understand the concepts, principles, and ideas about the following topics:

  • Crucial fundamentals of hybrid electric powertrains
  • Several categories of building technologies
  • Latest tendencies in the automotive field
  • Significant designing and modelling policies and techniques
  • Theory of simulation and controls
  • Seamless procedure of various software devices such as MATLAB and Simulink

Besides these, many projects in this course will give you a good experience and help develop models about powerful energy-based fuel consumption associated with conventional automobiles and various P1 hybrid automobiles. These developments will be needed by society in one way or other.

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