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What are guest posts?

Guest posting (or guest blogging) is writing and publishing articles on someone else’s website and the articles written in this case are called guest posts. And why do people do guest posting? – So that they can get more traffic to their website and increase brand presence. Traffic coming from such sources is called referral traffic.

Why Is Guest Posting Important For Your Business?

Guest posting offers various benefits to any business or organization. By sharing your posts/articles on other websites, you can build credibility and establish yourself as an authority in the market, build relationships with other thought leaders and build your brand. Can increase the presence of Also, guest posts are a different way to engage users than the same old traditional blogs. Blogs, such as Open View, source much of their content from other company leaders.

How to get started with Guest Posting?

Before you start guest posting, it’s critical to be clear about what you need. Decide your visitor writing for a blog objective, which is the main significant stage all the while. In general, some of the goals of guest blogging are:

1 Build a reputation in your company as a thought leader

2 Getting traffic to your website and increasing brand awareness

3 Building backlinks to your website (which is not recommended by Google itself)

All of this can be done with the right content. Hoping to take your writing for a blog to a higher level? Check out this blogging course to become a pro blogger. You’ll learn everything from choosing a niche and writing great content to how to promote your blog and build an audience.

After determining your guest posting goals, it’s time to research and find guest blogging opportunities. The following are a couple of ways of finding visitor posting/publishing content to a blog valuable open doors.

Find the top blogs.

The best way to get a list of the top blogs in a company is to use Google. Search for questions like the list of top e-learning blogs and the list of top marketing blogs. Once you have this list, visit each blog and check its content and domain authority. You will find many blogs like this, but not all accept guest postings. Make sure you do a competitor check and don’t contact your competitors.

Find popular people.

Another way to do this is to find popular blogging personalities who have a good following and brand presence. Some of the top marketing guest bloggers include Neil Patel, Jenny Halas, Brain Harnish, Kevin Indig, Kirk Williams, Andy Merchant, Ian Chandler, and Larry Kim. A guest post on such popular bloggers will increase your credibility and help you reach a new audience. Use the keywords prolific guest bloggers or top guest bloggers and company keywords to get a list of good bloggers.

Competitor Analysis

Another way is to analyze competitor backlinks as part of your SEO strategy. It is more likely that you will get guest post links. You can do this by using tools like Most’s Open Site Explorer or Google Search Link: domain. Com may be your competitor’s domain. You can also check a domain’s external links with the Screaming Frog tool. It can also help you perform health checks and make sure the websites are. You’re linking to exist and aren’t returning 404s or redirecting to different content. 

Tips and recommendations for guest posting success

Know your audience.

The main piece of any blog is content. You should know your audience and blog accordingly. Talk straightforwardly to the per user’s concerns, trouble spots, and needs, offering you consideration and commitment.

Brand alignment

Align the content with the author’s brand. Every writer has a different and unique way of writing content. Likewise, every blog has a specific writing style, a specific tone, and a unique approach. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your guest post matches the blog or blogger’s style of writing for maximum impact. Be yourself but keep your content aligned with brand guidelines.

Don’t sell but still sell.

One of the things that many authors get wrong is direct selling. Very few people start their blog by selling their course or giving a quick redirect to a resource or another web page. But this no longer works with the abundance of resources available on the Internet. Content marketing plays a key role here. Creating online content such as articles, blog posts, social media posts, etc., that do not directly promote a brand but still capture the attention of readers and get them interested in your products or services. The key to great content marketing is that it doesn’t feel like marketing. Select Value Addition on Sales/Leads.

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