Water Main Plumbing
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Ever since the civilizations came into existence, one after the other, they have managed to provide upgrades. The drainage system was established centuries ago. But that was not enough for a proper and satisfying civilization.

What Is The Purpose Of Water Plumbing?

Water plumbing was the next big thing. The system of water main plumbing is complicated. Pipes are running through, making crisscross connections to provide water throughout the city 24×7. But setting up and repairing these pipes is not an easy task. Not only do you need the skills, but you also need the materials.

Materials Used For It

This is not the first time that water main plumbing needs to be fixed or replaced. There are many problems that come with water supply. But for them to get fixed, you will need various materials. You may not even be aware of them. Thus, we are here to help you:

  • Cast iron
  • PVC pipes for waste lines
  • Copper pipes or Galvanized iron for water supply lines

Types of pipes

Now there are different types of pipes used in a water main plumbing. Different kinds of fluids will be passing alongside or under the roads. Hence, there needs to be segregation which leads us to select proper pipes:

  • PVC – mostly used for drainage pipes and sanitary waste. They can be cut easily without much effort and are also resistant to rigid.
  • Cast iron – they have a larger appearance and are black in colour, they are made in heavy metal. They are of high quality and make excellent drainage pipes.
  • Chromed brass – they have comparatively bigger in diameter and shiny and bright. They can be majorly used for drainage and exposed exterior.
  • Chromed copper – these pipes are bright and shiny and have a smaller diameter. This means they have a narrower area and thus have a high pressure of water.
Water Main Plumbing
Water Main Plumbing

Replacing And Fixing Main Water Pipes

Whenever there is pipes burst, it will cause a lot of problems. You can manage to fix the water main plumbing with some quick fixes. But that is only possible if you have comparatively small problems. Nonetheless, we are here to help you out by providing some quick and easy tips for main water plumbing.

Spot fixes – sometimes there can be smaller breakages in the pipe known as spot. The main plumbing will be affected by the same. The water pressure will remain the same but the water will flow out of the broken area. This can be fixed with some PEX where you can replace just the damaged part.

Re-piping – if the damage is too much, the only option for water main plumbing is to re-pipe. The problem will reach the houses when they won’t get water in their taps. Therefore, you may have to change from the source.

Why Should You Hire Professionals for Water Plumbing?

If you are someone who believes in DIY, we hope that these tips and ideas were helpful. But it is always wise to opt for professionals when you have fewer ideas. Additionally, to deal with something as delicate as water and pipes, you should always call the experts. They are experienced with water main plumbing and will be able to help you the best.


Replacing pipes from the water main plumbing is not an easy job. It takes a lot of time, effort, and skills. Moreover, this is not exactly a one-man’s job. Nonetheless, smaller problems with water pipes are still easily fixable. All you will need is a couple of pipes and materials that will help you to get through. But try talking to a professional beforehand.

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