When you make the decision that you are going to draw a picture of a car you need to think about the layout. How will your car be displayed, will it be a side view or a view of it from an angle? These questions need to be addressed before you put pencil to paper.

You may want to organize your paper with a grid Bild zeichnen lassen pattern to help proportion each sector of your car. If you need perspective, you will have to locate a point on your paper that will be your horizon line. With the horizon line selected, you must draw lines from points on your car to your horizon point.

What this will do for you is give an exact reference point so you can include dimension to your picture. You do not want a flat look; you want the car to stand out. How about where is the light source coming from in your drawing? Is it from the side or behind?

Knowing where your light is will aid you when it comes time to shade in your shadows. The points directly in the light will be much lighter with highlights. The darkest areas should be under the car.

How you use your pencils can have a drastic affect on the outcome. It may be best for you to begin your drawing with light pencil lines then go darker as you get close to the finished product. Light lines are easier to erase if you must.

All of this may sound like a lot to do if you are not familiar with drawing. It really is not difficult to do, anyone can learn. If you are interested in learning, get one of the e-books available that teaches how to draw cars.

How to Draw Cute Pictures – Cute Caricatures Pictures Drawing Basic

Cute pictures? I suppose you are looking for ways to draw cute caricatures. A caricature is a kind of art which has a certain cartoon look. The main feature of a cute caricature is that the face eats up more than 50% or 60% of an art paper and is drawn exaggeratedly funny.

So, how to draw a quality, cute caricature pictures? It is never been a good way to teach drawing with words. Hence, I have provided information about where you can find step by step and video tutorial of cute caricature drawing in the bottom section.

Here are some basics of drawing a cute pictures of caricature:

Observe the face

Pay attention to the face and expression, print the face features of your subject into your mind and get a feel for that subject. When you watch the face of your subject, take notice of parts which a special, for example big nose, curly eyelashes, or sexy lips etc.


 Drawing a cute caricature need to have some levels of creativity and imagination. There are a lot of ways to draw. Don’t be afraid of trying everything out. Every one of us has different ways of expressing our imagination into a piece of paper. Portrait zeichnen lassen So just pick a pencil and a small piece of paper and draw the caricature of your subject in as many ways as possible. You will learn from your process.

However, you still need to learn the basics of caricature drawing in order to perform a good caricature art. Here are some of the big problems in producing a cute caricature:

  • Layout of the face
  • Converting expression into the paper
  • How not to overly exaggerate the eyes and smile

No way you can master the caricature skills by teaching from words. You definitely need step by step and video tutorials guidance in drawing a cute caricature.

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