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College universities have a significant portion of essays and assignments to assess for a fixed period. In a combined schedule of essays and assignments, students are left with very few choices except to hire professional Coursework Help from online sources. But writing long essays on digital devices can be extremely tedious. Long strides of writing are pretty mind-boggling and exhaustive. To deal with the extraneous elements of essay writing, you can use specific online tools and software to cut short your essay writing time, making it a smooth affair. So, let’s look at the top ten college essay writing tools for writing English essays.

  1. EssayMap

If you want to outline your essay before starting to write even a single word, then EssayMap is the best possible resource for you. School students mainly use the tool. But it is equally helpful for college goers. The website format is pretty basic and helpful for all students striving to write essays in English. It is meant for developing an outline structure of your essay and building critical ideas around which you will write your essays. The main structure of the tool is perfect for the basic outline. You will find five checkpoints:

  • Introduction
  • Idea 1
  • Idea 2
  • Idea 3 and

You can also write down your key points at these checkpoints.

  1. MindNode

MindNode is a multi-purpose app that will also help you formulate essay ideas. You will find multiple modes that will help you manage the mind-mapping process beneficial for your essays. You can use “quick entry features” to note down ideas when you get them. There is an outline mode that can help you outline your essay. Other features like task tracker and focus mode are useful when you have a thousand other things to tackle. We know how students pile up pending tasks for assignments. So, use these tools best when such dire situations arrive.

  1. Evernote

Suppose your mathematics assignment is in line, and you cannot remember the formula for many crucial mathematics chapters. Evernote can become your one and only essay help in such a crisis. You can note down all the formulas and a list of solutions. You can organize tasks on a deadline, which is extremely helpful for students. As a bonus, you can connect to Google Calendar from this app. You can assign dates to your tasks and create tasks within notes. To highlight the stuff, you can use markers and flags. The app also helps you scan all documents, upload your content in various formats, and save web pages relevant to your assignment. You can store all your essays and notes in a specific area and connect them through any device.

  1. Voice Dictation

Voice dictation is a technology that has made essay writing much more accessible, where you can type the essays by dictating them in your voice. A voice dictation tool can be of utmost importance if you have a shortage of space or a slow typing speed. Students usually have far too many things on their minds. For them, this tool is even more helpful. Although making, mind mapping through an elaborate range of details is not everyone’s cup of tea. This tool’s best part is creating a passage for a great essay without being obliged by any particular set of processes or format. You have to speak your mind, and a voice dictator will do their job.

  1. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the best and most famous editing tools in the world. You can choose British, American or Australian English in Grammarly, and your editing suggestion will follow accordingly. It is fully powered by artificial intelligence and finds you with intricate spelling, grammar, syntax, and punctuation errors to write a much better essay than you usually would. You can access the free version to correct only grammatical mistakes, while the paid subscription allows you to improve your essay’s quality. Grammarly will highlight unwanted words, repeated phrases and congestion of excessive words in a sentence.

  1. Hemingway

One of the best essay-writing apps after Grammarly is Hemingway. It helps make your writing straightforward. It also highlights complex and lengthy sentences so you can split them according to your choice. The app also gives you alternatives to use passive voices, adverbs, lengthy sentences and complex phrases. The app is named after the American author Earnest Hemingway to promote the no-nonsense writing style. Using this app can make your writing clear, forceful and direct.

  1. Cliche Finder

Using cliches while writing is a common trait among students. You will make your piece unnecessarily trite and unreadable if you use cliches too much. This tool is a perfect cliche detector for you. The app is designed on an algorithm that catches overused and repetitive words and avoids writing cliches in your document. The app constantly throws you suggestions to identify your writing pattern.

  1. com

Most students find it difficult to choose the best word to express their feelings and emotions. helps you find the perfect word for the perfect emotion. It is an online thesaurus where you will meet new synonyms and antonyms as an alternative to some set of words that you usually use in your paragraphs.

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  1. Citation Machine

One of the most ensuing problems in academic essays is a citation and referencing. There are hundreds of different citation styles like APA, Harvard, MLA, Chicago, Oxford etc. a citation machine includes many citation generators with different options. It is swift and time-efficient. You can choose your style between a range of 7000 different citation styles.

  1. Paper Rater

You may have written your paper but failed to judge it using proper measurement yardsticks. Once you complete your writing, you can use this app to ask for online feedback. It also provides you with plagiarism and grammar corrections.


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