Professional Car Detailing

Generally, car detailing involves the maintenance of the internal and external parts of a vehicle. It is the use of different chemicals and techniques to make the external part of a car appealing and make the internal part clean. The person who is in charge of handling the detailing of a car is called a detailer.

Car detailing does not just involve the process of washing a car even though it is a part of it. Car detailing keeps a car clean and maintains and protects it so it can be used for a long time. This is why you need a professional when it comes to car detailing.

Why You Need Professional Car Detailing

Below are a few benefits of professional car detailing in Seattle.

#1. It Helps You Save Money

I know you might be thinking about the fact that it takes money to go through all those processes involved in detailing. While this is true, you also need to consider the fact that it costs extra money to always take your cars to the mechanic for repairs.

Detailing is a safety net that prevents car owners from overspending in the long run. What is more interesting is the fact that it is easy to sell a professionally detailed car because it appears more valuable.

#2. It Provides Safely

A well-detailed car looks clean, smells fresh, and has everything part working well. With this, you do not even have to bother about accidents occurring as a result of a malfunction. A well-detailed car also means that you will not be disturbed by bad smells that occur from using the car over time.

#3. Client Satisfaction

Not only will you be happy and satisfied with professional car detailing, but people will also value your car. When a car looks new, most people will want to take care of it and handle it with care.

Steps Involved in Professional Car Detailing

To properly differentiate between car washing and car cleaning, we will be discussing some of the steps that are involved in car detailing. They include:

#1. Car Washing

This is the first step involved in professional detailing. Generally, it involves washing off the dust, stains, and other debris from the car. It first starts with cleaning the exterior part of the car. Caution should be applied when cleaning the internal part of the car so that delicate places in the car are not missed.

#2. Car Waxing

Most car owners often request for their cars to be waxed and this is found right after a car wash. Car waxing is used to protect the car from the harshness of the sun that could destroy car paint.

#3. Car Polishing

This involves the use of chemicals to maintain a car. This is because there are some parts of the car that require special care and attention. The interior and exterior parts of the car are not excluded from this process.


Professional car detailing is done by an automobile retailer who has the required knowledge needed for this process. Professional detailing helps satisfy car owners. It also adds value to their cars and helps them save money.

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