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With the increase in exhibitions and trade shows, as well as large-scale conferences, there is a demand being met for businesses that provide Foamex sheet printing services.

This kind of printing allows you to design quality displays that are lightweight and portable. They are also reusable. They are also suitable for the launch of new products. It is in the best interests of the client to choose a trustworthy company that offers services for a reasonable cost.

The most efficient option for a successful solution is Foamex Board. It’s also referred to by the name Foamalux Extra, Forex Digital or Foam PVC. They’re typically sold at 5mm thickness or as low as 3 millimetres. They’re more than sufficient to serve as a foundation for flatbed printing.

It’s truly remarkable because it can be framed should you wish. It’s possible to apply Velcro to one side of fabric in order to attach it to something else , or something as simple as double-sided tape.

It’s so light. If these aren’t your top alternatives, you can opt for nail glue that’s strong or drill holes at specific locations and hang the boards to increase visibility.

The Various Uses In Foamex Prints

Foamex prints have become popular because they’re easy to make use of and are more durable than other kinds of prints. a 3mm Foamex is a tough , plastic sheet that comes in the form of an electronic-board.

It has a matte finish that is ideal for direct printing on flatbeds. Prints can be printed in a variety of methods, with the most well-known being UV printing. It’s a sustainable process that doesn’t use any harmful chemical substances that reduce oxygen.

Prints last a long time due to the fact that the paper’s surface can be used to hold the ink. If they are store in a safe and secure way, they’re ready to be reuse over and again.

The most after prints are use in graphics panels and menu boards in addition to retail displays and exhibition displays.

Because of the lasting nature and the durability that is Instagram frames prop and the superior quality prints it can help with are becoming more new requests are in the direction of Foamex prints.

The material can be use for a broad range of display uses which has help boost its appeal. Printing options can also be a reason.

You can have pretty quality photo printing. If you’re not interest in the glossy appearance, you can select images that are matte.


Image Sources: Foamex Printing Company UK


The Benefits Of 3mm Foamex Panels To Be Used For Signage

Let’s Recollect The Meaning Of Foamex

It’s a PVC sheet of foam that is rigid and long-lasting. The term “foam” refers to an untrue term because it refers to a hard or soft material. It can’t be further than the reality.

The great feature of this substance is it’s easy to drill or, and can be use like an acrylic sheet. Coloured Foamex printing is available in a range of sizes including 1mm, 2mm 3 5mm, and 2mm.

1mm Foamex sheet are one of the cheapest yet still providing stunning aesthetics and finishes. In terms of resolution, it’s a high class 1440 dots per inch (dots per centimeter) print. There are several purchasing options available:

The Signs Are Printed On Either Single Or Double Sides

  •         The finish can be glossy or matt (or non-laminated)
  •         The indicators could be as tall as 3 metres long , and 1.22 metres high.

Foamex Board Printing Valuable Assets For Landowners And Businesses

The hoarding panels that are place on construction sites can be design to increase impacts of the construction sites, while minimising the impact on the general public. They are able to be construct to be a part of people in the community. They are generally construct from steel, wood or iron.

Hoardings that are print for sites with graphics are attractive and effective. They’re typically on separate panels which can be change to suit the design of the website. The kind of work the hoarding may include many images, including logos or photos and also messages.

They can be utilize to generate excitement prior to the announcement. If you select an appropriate message, the panels can be extremely appealing. Hoardings are often utilize to make a location well-know.

Developers and retail stores usually use them to inform the public of developments coming up and store openings. For larger spaces, Foamex hoardings are necessary. If you are choosing a printing service, be sure to ask about their processes and how they handle large-format printing.

A well printing personalised Instagram selfie frame is essential. A reputable Foamex printing company will offer guidelines for hoarding design as well as materials that can be utilize on construction sites. A reliable printing firm knows what to look for and what you should avoid.

The low price is not the most efficient choice, so be sure to ask about the alternatives that are available for your particular project. If your print is big enough, a reliable company will be able to give you helpful advice on the best paper materials such as ink, ink, or ink.


5mm Foamex
Image Sources: Foamex Printing Company UK

Simple Methods To Hang Your Print From A Foam Board

  • Standoffs

Signage fasteners or standoff screws as they’re often refer to are the most method to display a 3D screen without frames.

Standoffs connect your sign to the wall using an elegant appearance and a visually appealing 1 inch space between the material of your sign and the wall.

Contrary with the majority, the items use to secure foam boards to walls standoffs are able to be integrate into the layout and design of the image print.

They usually are round and fit through the holes created on the print of the board. Standoffs are of aluminum, brass, or nylon.

  • 3m Putty

Adhesive glue is the best option to items such as art, paper, and Foamex signposts. It can be utilize on porous and non-porous materials as well. It can be use again. It is extremely sticky to the feel, but it’s not sticky.

It doesn’t create gaps in walls, it can stain the walls over time. Putty has to stick to different surfaces, such as brick walls, paint or unpaint , plastic walls as well as traditional cement glass, drywall, and hangers of metal.

One of the drawbacks of this installations is that they could be ineffective because it’s affect by the seasonal variations in temperature. Cold temperatures require more effort to stick.

  • Double-Sided Adhesive Strips

To have a durable semi, stain-free option you should use a double-side adhesive. It’s an opaque tape with an adhesive that is photo-safe and also has a long-lasting bond across both surfaces.

Although this technique isn’t durable but it will hold the image securely on the wall. It’s hard to remove in the event of a need.

The tapes are easy to work with and long-lasting but they are able to take paint off walls after they have be remove. Take both backings off the strips. You can then place them on the wall, then attach your foam board to them or place your foam board onto it and attach it to the wall and you’re do! You’re do.

  • Double-Sided Velcro Tape

Velcro isn’t just for the sneakers that you wear in the 4th grade Velcro is also an excellent way for hanging amazing foamboard artwork on the walls. You can purchase a full length Velcro then cut it down to the length you need.

They are available in a variety of lengths that range from six feet to the 30 foot range. You can alter them to the size, including the 3mmsize you need. It holds your image to the wall with an adhesive strong enough for the wall and one that is suitable for the print.

This lets you remove art or photos from the wall to get an even closer look. The tape’s ends are extremely strong and won’t cause any damage.

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