When it comes to hemp, it is vital that you only buy the best when you intend to grow plants from them, and hemp seeds are a better choice than buying clones. There was a time when clones were very commonly used, but now growers have become more mindful about their craft.

Premium hemp seeds can be acquired from La Plata seed bank in the USA, and there are several benefits to using them. And here are some of them.

Hemp Seeds Possess Taproot

As a hemp grower, you would want your plants to go through a healthy life cycle, and that can be ensured if your hemp plants have a taproot. Plants grown from seeds have them, while those growing from clones do not. That has a long-term repercussion on plant health because taproots go deep into the soil and provide the plants with every ounce of nutrients they need.

Plants from clones have roots that grow sideways instead of reaching down, and it can be a challenge in places with soil with low water retention. Regions that experience droughts will have a poor harvest, and the plants are also most likely to be malnourished.

Fewer Diseases and Pests

Plants grown from hemp seeds have much fewer risks of falling prey to pests and other dangerous diseases that can kill plants or interfere with the quality of hemp. Deadly pathogens often attack plants grown from clones, and their poor immunity due to lack of poor nutrition often make them victims before they can complete their cycle.

They can also be affected by diseases like fusarium, and the chances of plants contracting the disease grown from seeds are much lower. One of the biggest advantages is that some kinds of pests and diseases do not attack plants grown from seeds and do not transfer from plant to plant.


Contrary to popular belief, hemp seeds cost much less than the engineered clones, and farmers feel this is the biggest motivation behind using seeds. As the hemp industry is taking off and the demand for high-quality hemp seeds is rising, growers do not want to risk their stock by putting clones in the mix since the risk of failure is also high. Direct seeding can reduce costs by almost half per acre than planting clones.

Easy to Ship

Hemp seeds are far more resilient than clones because they can adjust to temperature fluctuations in a much better way, as has been seen at green light genetics. You have to be more careful with clones because they often fall prey to insects en route long journeys.

Seeds can be shipped cross country or even overseas, and they can also thrive in other forms of climate. The demand for seeds is also much higher than for clones, which is reaping the profits for the industry.


Hence, if you are sourcing the seeds from reputed places like La Plata seed bank in the USA, you can be sure about their quality. They are a much better choice than clones, and any plants that grow from them are certain to thrive.





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