Are you looking for easy and efficient solutions to rid your home of fleas? Fleas are most commonly associated with animals; however, they can also attack people and non-animals. Your home, garden, and furniture are likely infested if your pet has fleas. If you don’t comb your dogs and cats regularly, plenty of natural alternatives prevent fleas from becoming a major problem.

What do fleas look like?

Fleas are distinguished by their reddish-brown colour, slender bodies, and large hind legs. They are around a sixteenth of an inch long, but without a microscope, it is quite doubtful that you will be able to make out any details about them. Fleas spend their adult lives on the fur of animals, which is also where they lay their eggs. Fleas have an average life cycle of about 100 days, but they can survive indoors for up to a year if the conditions are right for them.

They progress through the following four stages:

  • Egg
  • Larva
  • Pupa
  • Adult

Use baking soda

Scrubbing your carpet with baking soda, giving it a good scrubbing, and then vacuuming it up is a foolproof method for removing any fleas that may have taken up residence in the fibres of your carpet. Similarly, frequently vacuuming your carpet is another thing you can do to help keep the bugs away. Also, pay careful attention to the parts of the house where the pets sleep. Fleas are known to spread diseases to humans, so you must thoroughly clean the entire area.

Sprinkle salt

Similarly to baking soda, salt has a comparable effect on the body. If you sprinkle salt on your carpet, leave it there for two days, and then vacuum it up, it will help eliminate fleas in a hurry. How does it work? As a dehydrating agent, the salt will swiftly and naturally kill any fleas present without the need for applying any chemicals.

Lemon spray

Lemons, which have naturally acidic juice, are an excellent and all-natural method for removing fleas from the home. This is because fleas avoid acidic environments. Comply with the measures that are outlined below to prepare your remedy:

  1. Slice lemon very thinly and lay it in a skillet that is being heated on a stovetop. After adding the hot water, let it sit for the night.
  2. The next morning, pour the liquid infused with lemon into a spray bottle after having decanted it the night before.
  3. Spray the solution into locations with a flea infestation, such as carpets, couches, pet beds, or chairs. The potent odour will eliminate the fleas and leave your home smelling clean and fresh when it does so. Remember that you should just lightly spritz and test the spray on the fabric beforehand.

Wash all bedding in hot, soapy water

It would help if you also thought about vacuuming your mattress. If you only have a light infestation, washing your bed linens in hot, soapy water should be sufficient. When you use flea extermination service toronto, you’ll kill the fleas, their eggs, and their larvae using soap. Do the same with your pet’s bedding.

Use rosemary

Rosemary’s intense aroma repels fleas; thus, this method works well if your dog is infested with fleas. To be effective, all that needs to be done is to bring some rosemary and water to a boil in a saucepan, then let it cool down and refrigerate it overnight. The liquid should then be poured into a spray container (make sure you separate the sprigs, so none fall in). When you wash your dog in the future, spray some of the natural solutions over its fur, which will repel fleas until the next time you wash it.

Hire a steam cleaner

Fleas are attracted to steam. If you have a flea problem, steam cleaning your carpets, furniture, and pet beds is a fantastic option. The fleas will be exterminated in a short time due to the combination of high heat and soap.

Use a powerful vacuum.

Even while steam cleaning can be very successful, you should use a powerful vacuum cleaner frequently if you want to keep fleas from infesting your home. Floors, upholstered furniture, mattresses, and the nooks and crannies that are difficult to access are some places that require special attention. When you are finished vacuuming, do not forget to empty the bag or the filter of the vacuum immediately.

Use a pet-safe flea spray.

Spray the solution on the affected region and continue to do so once every three days for the next nine days or until the problem is resolved. Your home will also have a reduced risk of a flea infestation as a result of this measure. “To prevent flea infestations, you will need to treat both your dog and your home regularly. Tablets, powders, sprays, spot-on, and shampoos are just some ways that adult and immature fleas can be eradicated. To get rid of the eggs, you will need to wash the bedding that your dog uses and vacuum the floor.”


If a person does nothing to prevent flea infestations, it won’t be long until they have a serious problem on their hands. In order to successfully manage and pest control toronto flea infestations, it is necessary to treat both the environment and the pet. According to the study results, it is essential to point out that there is no scientific proof to establish that natural therapies or cures that may be made at home are helpful. Because of this, putting all of your faith in these treatments is not a good idea. Fleas are responsible for a wide variety of adverse effects on human health, ranging from mild allergic reactions and irritations to more serious infections and illnesses. A flea bite should prompt a person to seek medical attention as soon as possible, particularly if they are experiencing symptoms of infection. Someone who has been bitten by fleas and is experiencing trouble breathing, severe swelling, nausea, vomiting, or loss of consciousness should seek emergency medical treatment as soon as possible.

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