If you are searching for a ring that will last for life, one that remains intact while ​you go through different stages of your relationship, then you should consider eternity rings.

An eternity engagement ring is the perfect symbol of everlasting love. If you wonder where to get eternity rings or what they are, then continue reading to find out.

What are Eternity Rings?

An eternity ring, also known as an infinity ring, is a beautiful engagement or wedding band with continuous rows of patterned markings on either side of the ring. Eternity rings can be round or square and are a great choice if you want a ring that will last a lifetime.

You can search for an eternity ring near me or buy one online. Whatever you do, it’s essential to be informed about eternity rings before deciding.

What are the types of Eternity Rings?

a) Full Eternity Ring

A full eternity ring is an ideal choice if you are looking for a ring with both stones and metal. This type of eternity ring has a series of stones or gemstones encrusted on the band along with metal, usually gold.

b) Eternity Bands

An eternity band is a ring with an unbroken row of stones or metal on its outside. Eternity bands are a great choice if you want a ring with gemstones or diamonds but no metal. These rings are very similar to eternity engagement rings and can also be called eternity wedding bands.

c) Eternity Ring with Side Stones

Eternity rings with side stones are perfect for a ring modeled after traditional engagement rings. This type of eternity engagement ring has stones set on both sides of the band while metal is visible in between. There are endless design possibilities for eternity rings with side stones.

d) Halo Eternity Rings

Halo eternity rings are a variation of traditional engagement rings, but instead of having a large stone on the top, these rings have a small gemstone at the center of a metal band.

What are the Benefits of Eternity Rings?

1) Durability

Eternity rings typically have stones on both sides of the band, which means they won’t lose shape over time. Furthermore, eternity rings are typically durable metals like gold or platinum, lasting a lifetime.

2) Versatility

These rings are versatile enough to suit any style and occasion. Eternity rings typically come in yellow, rose, or white gold with sparkling diamonds or gemstones, or they can be made of platinum. Eternity rings also come in various shapes, designs, and sizes to suit individual needs and preferences.

3) Affordability

Eternity rings are typically more affordable than other types of rings. If you want a beautiful ring that will last for decades to come, eternity rings are the way to go.

4)  Caring for Eternity Rings

Eternity rings are very easy to clean and maintain. You can clean them with a moist cloth or take them to a jeweler for professional cleaning. It is a good idea to clean your eternity ring regularly, especially if you wear it every day.


If you want a ring that will be with you for life and beyond, then eternity rings are a perfect choice. Eternity rings are available in different types, designs, and materials. You can choose between eternity bands with or without stones or halo eternity rings.

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