Your wedding anniversary is almost here. If you’re like most, you have less than a month to go to your wedding anniversary

Take a hot air balloon trip in the sun to celebrate your anniversary
Enjoy Best hot air balloon Vilnius flight in Vilnius.
At sunset in Vilnius, you will experience the sun twice. We usually cross the Auburn Valley from north to south. As you fly over Tapps Lake, you can see the reflection of a beautiful hot air balloon and families walk through time on their pontoon boats. After landing on the south side of the valley, we will celebrate your wedding anniversary with a special bottle of champagne and triple cream. This is an anniversary that you will remember forever.

Dates can be easily filled, especially if you want to fly on Saturday or Sunday in high season. If you want to book your special appointment immediately, you want to book it. We look forward to helping you make this anniversary celebration even better!

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