Shopify is one of the most popular websites for small business owners looking to create unique online storefronts and create easy shopping experiences for customers. But it can be a bit confusing to know exactly what to do once you start your page. If you’re looking to attract more customers, we found the best Shopify SEO company for results in 2022.

What is Shopify?
Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows you to easily grow and manage your business. You essentially create a storefront that appears to be your own unique website but uses the functionality of Shopify in the background. You can create an about me page, categorize your items for sale, share videos, and anything else that you’d find on any successful online store!

How many stores are on Shopify?
Over 1.75 million stores are currently on Shopify. This shows just how popular and impactful Shopify can be for small business owners! But it also means more competition. Luckily, a top Shopify SEO company can help you stand out from the rest of the competition.

The Best Shopify SEO company
SEO can drastically increase your sales and expand your customer base, allowing you to reach more potential buyers than ever before. Genius E-Commerce specializes in Shopify SEO services that will optimize your Shopify store to reach more customers and show up on Google. The right SEO optimization on your site will not only increase traffic but inspire potential customers to make purchases.

Here’s how.

Technical and On Page SEO
On-page SEO will give your website the proper foundation to climb up the Google ranks and get you noticed during more search results. On-page SEO includes better page content, meta descriptions, keyword density, and site structure — among many other things.

Backlinking is another powerful tool that Genius E-Commerce will use to the fullest. They have a unique strategy to help you build authority, including many carefully-placed backlinks that bring customers to your most valuable and popular products. This will create powerful ranking indicators that Google will notice, ultimately prioritizing your site in any related search.

How to begin using SEO for your Shopify store
A lot of people start by doing keyword research first. But that’s actually not the strongest way to begin your SEO journey. Genius E-Commerce will begin by performing a comprehensive Shopify SEO audit and do extensive competitive research. This will let them know if your site needs improvement and the right way to go about it. You’ll find out what your store is missing and what can be done to create long-term success.

When will you see results from SEO?
This will ultimately depend on your website. Every site is different and will need a different amount of work. For example, some sites are not set up properly and need to be fully optimized. The time it would take for this site to rank would be significantly higher than an average campaign. Getting your website ready and then executing a Shopify SEO strategy can take a few weeks. The results will then depend on the keywords and the quality of the content on your site.

Why Genius eCommerce
Genius eCommerce is a top Shopify SEO company that has proven results. Their website is full of case studies that show real life traffic improvements during their partnership with the companies. Genius eCommerce has a free eCommerce audit tool you can use and then knowledgeable professionals to consult with after finding out what you want out of the partnership.

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