The Hunters are taking on this week’s event with The Just Macaws Tavern brawl. As the description implies, this Brawl is a successor to the Spiders, Spiders, EVERYWHERE Brawl. In the event that the Brawl included Webspinners, This Brawl introduces your deck by introducing Jeweled Macaws. Bird Flying 

They were introduced as part of the Journey to Un’Goro set, Jeweled Macaw is a 1/1 Beast that comes with Battlecry “Add an unspecified creature to your hand.”Making use of the Battlecry instead of Deathrattle from Webspinner speeds up the game, which I’ve seen all over Hearthstone lately. Changes to Battlegrounds have speeded those games.

How to win Just Macaws Tavern Brawl

The first thing you need to decide is your class. Hunters are a great choice as they’ve got a lot of cards that can be synergized with Beasts. Druids also have a lot of Beast synergy cards and they possess a powerful Hero Power. Although Rogue and Mage are both able to easily take out the Jeweled Macaw due to the help of their Hero

Power, Demon Hunter is the only one that can do this without losing tempo. A lot of the game’s outcome is determined by the Beasts you play and what spells you are dealt. Mulligan off all of the Macaws during your initial hand. Most likely, you’ll be able to get them back however, there’s a possibility that you’ll receive at least one of the

class spells you only have seven

and you’d like to find these. Consider them as spells from D&D spells, and treat each one of them with care. This Brawl is focused on the tempo. Make sure you have the board in hand and make smart trades and do not let your opponent have the chance to dictate the trades. Beasts that have Rush (Springpaw,

Vicious Scalehide, and Diving Griffon) are excellent cards to generate.  Tropical Birds  Zixxor, Apex Predator is another fantastic discovery. If you are able to get just a tiny bit ahead of the board, then Mukla’s Champion will be able to win the deal. The most effective way to increase speed is through the spells you can get.

Keep on queuing

If you’re looking to purchase the card pack, keep waiting. Like many random Brawls ultimately, the cards will play to your side and lead you to victory. It could be a great Brawl to complete your daily quests in order to gain gold for the Brawl Cavernsmini-set.

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