While making small talk with strangers might not seem like the best idea to some people, there are actually some really good reasons why it’s important to practice this social skill on a regular basis. After all, most people (especially those who work in customer service) have to make small talk with customers and clients on a regular basis, so knowing how to do it comfortably and effectively can help you grow your business and your client base. Here are 3 ways to make small talk with strangers that will get you practicing and improving in no time!


Omegle TV is an app for iOS that lets you chat with strangers using your webcam. You can chat about anything on the show, from sports to politics. However, there are some safety measures in place that let you block users who send inappropriate messages or start a conversation about sex. Omegle TV also has a rating system which allows other users to decide if they want to watch the stream of another user.

Ask Questions

Small talk is something that’s usually dreaded, but if you’re a naturally outgoing person, then it shouldn’t be too hard for you. If you’re not, try these three ways of making small talk.

1) Use Omegle TV – This is a free webcam chat website where there are tons of people from all over the world who want to talk. You can find someone who has the same interests as you or just start up a conversation about anything in general.

2) Ask them about their day- This is one way to get someone talking and help them open up right away. People love talking about themselves and this question can lead into other areas of conversation like their job or hobbies.

3) Compliment them- Even though you may feel awkward doing this at first, giving compliments will make others feel great! So even if you have nothing nice to say, compliment anyway.

It’s so easy to do small talk when you follow these steps and take some time out of your day to meet new people. Remember that most of us are actually looking for connections with others on social media websites so don’t hesitate to make new friends!

Create Rapport

Start off by asking them about themselves: What are you up to today? Or how do you know the host? Smile and make eye contact. Don’t pretend that you’re interested in what they’re saying, but at least act like you’re listening. Ask follow-up questions about their responses. For example, if someone says I’m a lawyer, ask them how long they’ve been practicing. If someone mentions something interesting from their hometown, ask where it is.

By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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