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The Watlow F4T is not a recent arrival in the world of system and temperature control. The proven technology of Watlow has built a solid reputation, and the design of the F4T carried that name further. However, one thing that F4T owners and those considering the controller option may not be aware is that it also includes the ability to manage data batch processing as well. This is a considerable advantage of the F4T process controller for those who can apply it.

A Flexible F4T Feature Many Are Not Aware Of

The controller application of batch processing works extremely well for thermal processes, especially where one might want to collect and record the processing of related thermal data coming off those processes. With the F4T install, both managing the control as well as recording the activity as it occurs, the entire work is automated and made extremely simple for system managers to implement.

Straightforward Controller Connections That Produce Productivity Dividends

Batch processing directions can be inputted through a USB connection, and the same function can be recorded and recovered as output from the F4T as well. However, the beauty comes in the fact that the input can be non-thermal, and the F4T can be combined with data captured in the F4T’s thermal data log, providing a combined export outbound file. All of this happens in an automated fashion, allowing the system manager to avoid the otherwise costly labor requirement of combining the two data sets manually after the fact. Data processing requires a level of expertise, tool know-how, and skill; that kind of know-how and experience isn’t afforded at entry level wages. In doing so, the F4T helps increase productivity and cuts down on redundant labor costs. Accuracy and data quality also goes up, removing data errors that inevitably comes with a hands-on approach.

The F4T is an ideal way to solve the labor shortage problem with technology, especially where data capture and data blending is involved. This unique and not as well-known feature of the Watlow controller can be applied in medical and clinical environments, in aerospace environments, analytical applications and in metal or thermal processing as well. The versatility of the Watlow F4T shines through in various applications, and system managers oftentimes realize that the possibilities for batch processing open up new applications they weren’t previously thinking of when the controller was first installed.

A Partnership With Equipment and Customer Support

Seagate Controls and their customer account specialists are well-versed in the Watlow F4T batch processing feature, being more than capable to help guide customers in implementing the feature as well as providing the guidance and training support resources as well. This is part of the key partnership that makes Seagate Controls standout as a Watlow F4T controller provider versus just an electronics part retailer alone. Many others find themselves struggling with controllers and system connection points for remote or automated function management. With Seagate Controls, our customers are always supported, from the initial considerations through to regular maintenance and ongoing operations. That’s why Seagate Controls makes such a difference every day, partnered with Watlow.

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