The recent edition of 501 c 3 has been introduced in the internal revenue code within the non profit organization. All the organizations that meet 501 C 3 requirements of the Federal income tax were over 30 types of non profit organizations. Only the ones who are qualified for 501 C 3 status can claim that donations to them are tax deductible.

Most of the organizations which will be included within the 501 C 3 designation will fall directly into the three categories of Church and religious organization, charitable organization and private foundations. The rule states that 501 C 3 is regulated by the US Treasury via the IRS.

How does the 501 C 3 organization Function?

If an organization wants to be recognized as a charitable organization by the IRS, it must operate exclusively for the following purposes: Religious, educational, literacy, charitable, scientific, testing for public safety, preventing cruelty to children or animals and fostering national or International amateur sports competition.

The IRS has defined charitable activities as those that provide relief to the poor or underprivileged, advancement of education or Science, advancement of religion, erect or maintain monuments, public buildings or works, lessen neighborhood tension, lessen the burden of the government, defend human and civil rights that are secured by the law, eliminating prejudice and discrimination combating community deterioration and juvenile delinquency.

Requirements of the 501 C3 organization

If any organization wants to be exempt from taxes under the section of 501 C 3 Recovery for Women, the organization must not be serving for any private interest, or including the interest of a creator, the shareholders of the organization or any designated individual or individual who are controlled by private interest. No net earning of the organization must be utilized to benefit any private shareholder or any individual in particular. All the earnings of the organization must be Soli utilized for the advancement of the charitable cause. The organization that falls under 501 C3 organization is also forbidden from utilizing its activities in order to influence the legislation in a particular substantial way. The organization is also four beaded in participating in any campaign activities which support or deny any particular political candidate.

If an organization aspires to remain tax exempt under the law of section 501 C3, they are required to remain through to their purpose.

Special considerations

Any organization that meets the requirement of the 501 C3 tax category will be classified under two categories: public charities and private foundations. The major distinction between these two particular categories is how they received their financial support.


  • Organizations will be exempted from filing for Federal taxes
  • Contributions that are made to the organization are tax-deductible
  • The organizations are eligible for the government as well as private grants.

To Sum It Up

Have you heard all about the 501 C 3 Recovery for Women? Therefore in order to learn more about the 501 C 3 organization, study through the following article.

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