vitiligo matrimony

Vitiligo matrimony is an essential transformative phase in a person’s life that brings happiness, companionship, satisfaction, and responsibilities.

It is the beginning of a life-long commitment to another person with whom you promise to share the rest of your life with love and understanding. People with vitiligo face several challenges and went through emotional trauma and anxiety in their quest to get married to a compatible partner.

vitiligo matrimony

Vitiligo can happen to anyone and being an autoimmune health challenge, it doesn’t have a known cure just like other autoimmune problems, diabetes, thyroid, rheumatoid arthritis, and lupus to name a few. But, it is non-communicable, non-painful, and medically non-dangerous.

To sum up, vitiligo is a kind of manageable cosmetic life-long problem that affects the skin and physical appearance of the affected person.

It does not hinder the person in different aspects of life and it can’t harm the partners of people with vitiligo. Hence, it should not influence the marriage aspect of life.

But our society is dangerously obsessed with how we look at the outside. All the skills a person has can be suppressed by the white patches on the skin.

Our society has given birth to so many taboos and myths about vitiligo like it decreases life expectancy, is transferable, brings bad luck to the family, and whatnot. But scientifically, all this is rubbish!

These social stigmas around the skin condition make it hard for men and women with vitiligo difficult to find a life partner. Even if they do find a prospective vitiligo bride and vitiligo groom, they often need to compromise a lot. This saga of hardship doesn’t end even if they get married somehow. Marriage itself comes with its responsibilities and challenges, and when you have a skin ailment, the challenges are all the more. In-laws and family members are oftentimes unwilling to completely accept them because of misbeliefs such as it may affect their forthcoming kids. These disappointing experiences trigger stress and anxiety in the person. Ironically, stress further aggravates vitiligo and this will only worsen their situation.

The social stigma towards leucoderma has reduced to an extent in educational institutions and workplaces, but when it comes to marriage, this skin ailment stands as an obstacle.

Every person deserves to be loved and respected irrespective of how they look. It is not only sad but also unjust towards people with vitiligo or leucoderma who struggle to discover this beautiful lifelong bond.

Vitiligo Matrimony: Marrying someone in the same boat

All these problems can be prevented if one marries someone with a similar skin condition. This would mean, they have gone through similar life experiences, and they recognize the problems of their partner’s life. It would remove the baggage that comes with vitiligo matrimony and it would be the last thing to cause problems in their married life.

That is why decided that things needed to change. We firmly believe that skin ailment should not be a barrier for people to find the love of their lives.

What is DermaMatrimony?

DermaMatrimony is a revolution in the vitiligo matrimony industry that is designed for people with skin ailments such as vitiligo, psoriasis, etc.

We help people with skin ailments to meet and connect over a safe matchmaking platform with verified accounts. believes love is a feeling far beyond physical appearance and we want everyone to feel this magic!

That’s why it is an inclusive platform and people without any skin ailment are greeted and welcomed wholeheartedly if they are open to the idea of connecting with a potential match having a skin condition. Join this platform today to being finding your match!

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