Plasti dip, ceramic pro, and clear bra: the choices for upgrading your vehicle are endless. 

An often-overlooked way to upgrade and customize your vehicle is vinyl wrapping. Vinyl wrap is an excellent choice due to its flexibility. You can easily change your wrap anytime you wish, and your underlying paint will remain in the same condition it was the first time you covered it with a vinyl wrap. Since the process is so simple, you can change your wrap multiple times whenever you get tired of one color or print.

Vinyl wrap is an appropriate solution for those simply looking for a change, those who wish to protect underlying paint, those who want to hide damage without the cost of a total repaint, and even those looking to advertise their business. 

Whatever customization you can achieve, your heart desires with the wonders of vinyl wrap. Did you know you can even choose only to wrap certain areas of your car to create a custom look? You can customize the vinyl wrap to meet the needs of nearly every car owner looking for something a little different.

Wrap Explained

Traditional vinyl wrap is applied over the entire vehicle or a section of the car that you choose. It simply adheres to the area much like a sticker. However, vinyl wrap is hardy and flexible, allowing it to wear well over time. Despite its longevity, it does not present issues with removal. Instead, it can be removed whenever you decide you are ready for a change.

You can use the wrap in many ways to create the right look for your vehicle or motorcycle. If you don’t wish to wrap your entire vehicle, you may consider wrapping your car’s hood or wheels to create a custom look. You could even cover vulnerable areas to protect your underlying paint from road debris, erosion from splattered bugs, and winter road salt.

You won’t be disappointed if you want to change your vehicle’s color with a vinyl wrap. Many great color options are available, ranging from chrome to matte and everything in between. The clear wrap may be the right solution if you want a vinyl wrap for its protective properties!

A wrap is so versatile that you can use it to customize your interior as well as the exterior of your vehicle. Any smooth surface is a possibility for the wonders of vinyl wrap.

A High Dollar Look Without the Price Tag

Do you love the look of carbon fiber but don’t want to break the budget for such a luxury? 

If this sounds familiar, carbon fiber vinyl wrap could be the perfect choice for you. This innovative solution morphs the appearance of carbon fiber into a quality vinyl wrap that functions supremely at a fraction of the cost. 

You can use this wrap to customize your vehicle’s interior or exterior and add a layer of protection over your paint. Carbon fiber vinyl is available in a large color selection, although black remains a popular choice due to its classic, high-end appearance.

With so many things to love about the vinyl wrap, what are you waiting for?! Book your plasti dip in denver!


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