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The smoke market has hugely exploded in recent years and there is no sign of slowing down this market in near future. Although the smoke industry is booming that does not mean you have to set back and relax. The more the industry is thriving, the more competition it is containing. To remain at the top of this competition you have to keep your shoulder on your wheel and try to increase your smoke shop Vancouver. You may face certain hurdles in promoting your smoke business in Vancouver owing to the huge competition in this industry. Some tips are given here that would surely help you in boosting your smoke shop business. So, let’s dive into this blog for promoting your smoke shop sales.


1. Throw Away The Clutter Of The Store

In past, it is a stereotypical thought about a smoke shop that must be lit with a dim bulb with a random psychedelic placed on the shelves. Nowadays, as everything has moved toward modernization, the smoke shops become more modern than ever before. People are now expecting a clean organized smoke shop where they would enjoy their shopping experience fully. So, an organized smoke shop would help in boosting the sales of that smoke shop. To make your smoke shop well-organized remove all unnecessary things from shelves that you have saved for years and now these things are just clutter for you, organized shelves in sections such as bongs, lighters, pipes, etc. Thus, it is better to clean your smoke shop every few months and throw out all broken products, organize your shelves, and change your shop décor. If your shop is well-organized and visually appealing then it would definitely increase your smoke shop sales.


2. Become More Visible To Get Noticed

To boost your smoke shop sales one of the key ways is to become more visible to visitors. In a general sense, when a visitor notices your smoke shop many times, then he must come at least once to get to know what your shop is offering. You can use many things to increase your smoke shop visibility like putting up signs, fly banners, flags and many visuals of trending items. All these visuals would surely appeal to visitors and eventually increase your smoke shop.


3. Stock with a large range of products

The product range is the key aspect of your smoke shop. If you do not offer good products at your business outlet then ultimately your customers would go to your competitor’s shop. So, it is vital for your business development that you have a variety of products at your shop and make sure that you stock up with all your hot-selling products. Thus, when a vape buyer visits your shop, he would truly enjoy his shopping at your shop and easily find out the latest items that he is looking for. Moreover, ensure that you have enough products at your smoke shop so that you would not run out of stock easily.


4. Design Of The Shop

As per ongoing modernization, people would expect a smoke shop more like a showroom than a retail shop. Moreover, exclusive smoke shops have dedicated employees that help customers during shopping. Also, these shops have different counters for different vape products. However, the design of your smoke shop should be according to your average customers’ liking, make sure they are comfortable at your shop during shopping and it is easy for them to find what they are looking for. Furthermore, your smoke shop design must compete with trending styles. Nowadays, gleaming and stylish shop décor is popular. Also, you can utilize a corner at your shop as a waiting area to eschew long queues where customers can seat comfortably and can wait.


5 Online Presence

In today’s digitized world, online presence plays a crucial role in the growth of any type of business. This online presence can be a website page or social media sites that help customers to understand your business. Tell them what you are offering, in which products you deal, what is the reputation of your business in the market and many more. In simple words, a website is your online shop where you can interact with your customers. Thus, your website has to be up-to-date where you showcase all your new products and new appealing deals. Also, your website should be appealing, easy to navigate, and responsive so that it would increase your smoke shop sales. If you are not made a website for your smoke shop then you must do it now so that you would not lag in this competitive digitized world.



If you want to increase your smoke shop sales in Vancouver, which we are guessing you are, then above mentioned tips would definitely help you in paving your success path. The best way to grow and boost sales is to keep learning. Always keep up yourself well-informed about what is new, what is hot selling and to what extent the competition is in this market. If your store retail business is going well but your website and social media pages are outdated then there is a need to work on them. Numerous smoke shops are offering free vape delivery Vancouver. Free delivery is a new marketing tactic that is used these days.

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